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Of course the Movie is gonna have that ” Sucked into another reality” Plotline.

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Of course the Movie is gonna have that " Sucked into another reality" Plotline.

This is the worst type of plot you can have in any movie. Its overused and outright a joke at this point.

Let me tell you the plot, The army guys get reports of their men going missing. Reports of some unidentified shapes in the middle east, Team fuck nuggets is sent in to investigate, Gets ambushed by Big Screamy boi, At one point the army gets blasted into a Portal where they find the same big screamy boi followed them, Screamy boi kills them all except Milla or whatever her name is. Just before she is about to bite it Actual Monster Hunters come in and kill it in epic CGI fashion.

They go on to tell her there is a monster they have been studying has the ability to tear open portals and that she will need to train like them in order to take them down as Obviously her real guns wont do any good and if she doesnt their two worlds will be overthrown with monsters destroying everything.

The Woman trains but is unable to fully become one of them as Monster hunters arnt like regular humans and she has yet to reveal her true potential.

Monster Hunters go on without her because they deem her too week still to help fight. Village elder comes and has big talk with her deep speech time.

The Elder tells her once you humans were all the same but some eons ago humans went through the same portal when a past calamity happened and that have simply forgotten who they really are as a proud MH race of warriors. Boom her third eye opens up and she swallows 10 pounds of food before rushing to help the other hunters.


The monster Hunters are getting their asses kicked and all seems lost until The Army Milla comes crashing in like a crack head and helps fight the creature.

All seems to be going good until a Darth Vader type Villian crashes in killing a few hunters and saves the monster and declares he was the real one creating all this chaos because this is what humanity is always about yada yada.

The Movie ends With a big stare down between Vader and Milla as the Fire that was started due to the battle engulfs them. Because this sets up a sequel you see. They go back to base camp and the villiage elder says they found a way to send her home and this is not her battle to fight. She thinks about it for second but decides to stay. They have a meal in true MH fashion and the screen fades to black.

End credits scene is Vader Making a badass sword while looking over a army of monsters.

I pulled this all out of my butt and these writers are doing the same. Its gonna be another horrible series of movies just like they did with my favorite Resident Evil series. Im sorry you guys but you all deserve better and im truly sorry Capcom is doing this too you.

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