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Hello r/MonsterHunter

With the Capcom Official guides released in Japan today, I figured I will update my decoration list to reflect the official drop rates as distributed by Capcom.

Below is the Official* decoration sheet for Monster Hunter: World. It is divided into 4 different tabs. The first tab shows the drop rates for both the appraising of jewels and the drop rates of tempered investigations. The second tab is organized alphabetically, the third tab is organized by the slot size of the decoration, and the third sheet is jewels that are not currently in the game.

Monster Hunter World Decorations

Questions often asked:

Q: I have a rarity 8 decoration but I am not HR 50?! What gives?!

A: As can be seen in the drop rate table, you either:

  • used the Elder Melder and selected the Strange Stream First Wyverian Ritual
  • fought a Tempered Threat level 1 and 2 monsters and got extremely lucky.

Q: You said you got X Jewel from killing Y Tempered Monster, why haven't I got it yet?!


A: There is no evidence that the rewards from tempered elders have any influence on the reward received. The specific monster should have no effect

Q: What does X mean on the spreadsheet?

A: Please utilize the legend and the guide on sheet 1, as it should answer this question.

EDIT: Tier 2 Tempered drop rates for Warped Jewels is not currently known, it is above 0% will update when known.

A big shout out to /u/MonsterHunterNecris for compiling the information that was used!!

Thank you /u/amasokin and /u/arrawnt for providing proof of alternate ways to gain Rare 8 decorations, before Campcom released official information!

Please don't be afraid to post about corrections or questions. Always willing to help fellow decoration hunters.

If you would like a copy for personal use, please pm me at /u/Muskrat01 and send me your email. I will send you a personal copy.

*Official Values used, this is not endorsed or produced by Capcom.

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