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Okay we completed Extreme Behemoth a couple times. Here’s what we learned.

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These are the differences between Behemoth and Extreme Behemoth that we noticed. Keep in mind we only did a few runs, so this information is just our observations. It's possible we misinterpreted something or just experiences fringe cases.
General stuff:

  • He deals a bit more damage but certain moves do one shot you with fully auged gear. Namely the double paw slam and his new arm slam > shoulder check. The latter also seems to one shot you with 3 health boost and rocksteady on so GG Also it applies bleeding if you live through it, we did once with vitality mantle.
  • On that note run health boost 3, some of his wombo combos hit too hard and you can't survive them with base HP even with a healer pumping you.
  • He has more HP. Falling rocks wakeups deal 5100 so people estimate it to be 50k.
  • He casts spells much more quickly and spams the shit out of them.
  • He also seems to have no set limit on how many times he will spam the same spell in a row other than RNG. We've gotten thunderbolts 5x in a row and also tornados and also meteors. It seems it's just fu*king random.
  • His meteor attack targets up to 3 people at once and shoots them in sequence at them. Seems to be random the order and who it picks.
  • Also the meteor gives you defense down yay!
  • He can only be flashed 2 times. Best to save it for reseting enmity on non tank teammates. Don't bother flashing tornado, he'll just spam 8 more in that area anyway. Plus it's so fast now chances are you'll flash after it casts anyway if you have to sheath, so you'll waste a flash for nothing.
  • He seems to be able to bust out of a CC in Area 1/2 and Eclyptic Meteor if you meet the damage threshhold to make him transition. We need to test this more to confirm but it happened twice. Might be an anti HAME clusters mechanic.
  • His status threshholds increased. For sleep/para it went up to 4/8 sleep/para 2s for the 1st/2nd proc. W/ sleep/para attack 3 and specialist ofc.
  • KO threshholds seem to be the same, he's stupid easy to KO.

Area 1

  • He drops a comet first thing after he roars. Whoever has it targeting them should try to place it in a good spot.
  • It is waaaay more annoying to bait him under the rocks in here. He seems to love standing in one place and spamming the shit out of spells here.
  • Falling rocks deal 2550 damage each. Use them, if possible on a wakeup for a juicy 5100 damage.
  • By far the easiest area due to the rock damage and open space. Don't waste CC here.
  • He seems to consistently drop only 2 comets here. Don't break em.
  • Also he does ecliptic meteor here so keep that in mind.

Area 2

  • Probably the harder area compared to Area 1 and 3. It felt like you need to deal less damage to him here than area 3 to trigger the transition. Not certain though since I haven't done any form of damage counting. But this area tends to take longer than Area 3.
  • As soon as you come in he will cast a tornado. Keep this in mind because it's very possible to block off teammates who are entering after you with it. Try to come in as a unit to avoid this being a problem, or atleast run along the edge of the entrance to try to leave some space for teammates to enter.
  • He will only drop up to 2 comets here. However we've only seen 2 comets once, all the other times so far he's only dropped 1. Not sure if there's a triggering condition of some kind or if it's just RNG. So only bank on 1 comet.

Area 3

  • This one is a damage check. If you don't trigger him leaving through damage fast enough, he'll ecliptic meteor without even dropping a comet bc he's an as*hole like that.
  • However if you do manage to hit the damage threshold he'll run to area 4 without dealing any using ecliptic meteor.
  • Feels like the transition threshhold is lower here compared to the first two areas, this one also goes by much faster for us.

Area 4

  • This one is a bi*ch lol. He spams spells like no tomorrow, the arena is small, and he loves that fu*king shoulder check.
  • However, the threshhold to trigger eclyptic meteor is extremely low compared to the others
  • Howhowever, he eclyptic meteors 3 times before dying. Each seems to have it's own damage threshold to trigger.
  • Howhowhowever, if you manage to deal enough damage to hit the threshhold for the next eclyptic meteor before he does his his eclyptic meteor, HE WILL DROP COMETS FOR EACH ONE AND ECLIPTIC METEOR ONE AFTER THE OTHER.
    • Yes this means that he will destroy the comets with the first eclyptic meteor and then immediately do another one WITHOUT DROPPING ANY MORE COMETS
      • At which point you better be good at jumping.
    • This is avoidable though by simply not CC chaining him and dealing too much damage before he has the chance to ecliptic meteor
    • So the moment he drops a comet STOP ATTACKING since he will ecliptic meteor immediately afterwards. And also if you deal too much damage to him then, it's possible you will break past the threshhold for the second ecliptic.
    • I actually like this mechanic because it punishes HAME Cluster strats, which is good after they turned normal behemoth into a sad and beaten puppy.
  • Also after each eclyptic he seems to very consistently enjoy using his double paw slam WHICH IS A ONE SHOT. So just run the fu*k away from him after he finishes each eclyptic.

I hope this help 😀

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