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On accepting SOS TED investigations

MonsterHunterWorld5 - On accepting SOS TED investigations

I've been doing Tempered elder dragon wuestsfor a while now, and I really enjoy playing a support SA-set. Because I don't really know anyone who also plays MHW, I usually tend to shoot out an SOS to share the rewards, and of course just use my favourite build!

So here's the problem. Many people seem to just accept any SOS with tempered rewards, and come very unprepared to fights like Vaal Hazak, Kirin and Lunastra, which quite frankly are not easy fights without the right skills/tools. Many hunts have ended with someone getting the effluvia and then getting one hit or being one-shotted by Kirin's lightning or getting nuked by Lunastra.


A lot of the times, people also start expecting me to heal them all the time, and even when very low on healrh, they totally disregard their own safety by going in for another attack. I've become quite good at clutching other people out of deadly situations, but I can't save you in the middle of my phial release, trying to paralyze the monster for you convenience.

Anyway… Sorry for the rant. I had to vent out somewhere, and didn't really know where else I could do it. Just please try to consider other players -and which monster you're hunting- when joining an SOS.

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