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One thing i really enjoy about world is dropping in to randomly help people out.

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - One thing i really enjoy about world is dropping in to randomly help people out.

I was running anjanath stuff on the pc version of world for farming purposes, but parties this early are few and far between. Well I saw an odogaron quest and thought "do i want to do this?" and then swooped right in. the thing with odog is, he's really hard even to vets like myself during that first run. when you realize he only ever has openings after three consecutive attacks you sorta get the pattern down. my hunting partner had no idea how to odog (this was my third hunt so we were sorta even) my palico was set to deliver vigorwasps regularly, which helped a lot, but most of my hunting had to be done similarly to how odog was fighting us, get in, get a few hits, if your health gets low find a spot to hide.

Well my partner died twice during the first part of the hunt so I was a bit worried that one of us would get minced, i kept working on playing it smart because doggo doesn't mess around at all. especially with bleed and the constant damage from the environment. I had to get extra resourceful, i'd grab up whatever i could shoot at him, pierce pellets mostly, would have used the paratoads had i known they were in the room next to the odogaron's nest, and mostly just tried to play smart and keep the environement in mind as i carefully continued to hit the doggo with my gunner pal. Me and him spent the better part of the entire hunt timer just pecking away at the odogaron until finally we got him to the point where he had to run off to sleep. I did this entirely with vigorwasps due to lacking potion stuff but lucked out and found some herbs to combine into mega potions. By this time i'd used up all my sprays, demon and lifepowder, so we weren't exactly in good shape, but thanks to my vigorwasp kitty, we weren't exactly in bad shape either.


Finally managed to get the dog down for the count and what are my rewards?

Potions….potions…meat….a bunch of nulberries.

it was like the game was slapping me. that said the odog breaks got us way more. while the anja grinds were a snoozefest due to four players killing it in under four minutes, this odog hunt was legitimately fun, not only because i was helping a player who'd been in my shoes, but because i got to experiment more with an environment and hunt i wasn't too familiar with and get better at doing it.

I may have to start looking for more hunts with harder monsters to drop in on, it's always enjoyable to help guys kill a monster they're having trouble with, and it's one of the better aspects of monster hunter. being able to drop-in midhunt is really neat and i wish we had it more in the other games.

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