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Online etiquette and multiplayer mechanics

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Online etiquette and multiplayer mechanics

I'm terribly sorry if this is a common question, and if the answers exist somewhere, please direct me.

I'm a filthy casual who got into Monster Hunter with Generations on the 3DS back in 2016. Since GU isn't coming to 3DS, I've picked it up again to finish it. I thought I should at least try the online a little bit before it's gone forever on 3DS. But I've never done it and am a bit afraid I'd be a pain to play with. Can't believe I've been dragging on this post for two years too haha.

So what is some good etiquette to follow? Should I be using gestures, signalling, and chatting? Should I carry traps and buffing items (like might seed) for every fight? I don't currently do these things. Maybe this is why I take so long haha.

Will people hate me if I carry certain skills? If I'm a girl? Or if I sometimes use a weapon without elements? I heard that we should repeat Deviant missions for each person. In general, is it a waste of people's time to be going for the sub quests? I'm so obsessive about those.

I made it to HR7 without being ready for the rest of it. So I want to improve by playing HR6 and lower missions and the tedious Deviant ones in multiplayer. Stonefist I is the only one I've done so far. Am I likely to find people to play with?


I'll be using Hunting Horn and Insect Glaive. For the former, I understand that the defensive hunter art and the forward+note 2 attack should be avoided because it sends people flying somehow? I wonder if the encore hits do the same. I try to hit monsters with them but I'm no pro, so…

I use horns with attack/defense/stamina buffs. Should I be switching to a healing one? For the Glaive, is it acceptable to not be using the balance kinsects that help others?

I'm practicing Charge Blade too right now and wonder if I should make a habit out of using the healing phial art for when I eventually try it online.

I also wonder about what game mechanics if any are different in multiplayer mode. Do we have to share the 3 carves of a monster amongst ourselves? How about shiny drops and tails? What is the "kick" for? Do meals get shared? There are maybe other things I still don't know about. Like how the hub even works in multiplayer but maybe I should be checking out the manual for those.

I hear the Monster Hunter community is really chill and nice to beginners so maybe I'm overthinking things. But I still don't want to be a nuisance. Thank you very much for your time.


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