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MonsterHunterWorld4 - Online Etiquette

1 When hopping into a lobby looking for help with a quest, you are obligated to help out first. You do at least one quest initiated by an already present member, THEN you can either post yours and hope for the best, or ask.

If you hop into my lobby and just pop a quest onto the board, I WILL boot you. I'm here to do my quests, if you want help you help me first. It's my lobby, nobody asked you (much less invited you), dont be a r/choosingbeggars and just expect help inherently.

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I'm not hunting monsters for my health after all.

2 When you hop into a lobby and go AFK, you are potentially blocking the team from having a fourth hunter. Not only that but it's annoying. I cant tell if you're just being a lazy turd or if something important actually came up, but regardless, you get the boot.

3 dont upswing hunters when they're carving, not even on small monsters. When they're mining or gathering sure send thay bi*ch into the stratosphere. But when you've just killed the main monster, dont be that guy. I feel like this doesnt really need said as it hasnt ever been a problem for me except with friends. I dealt with them accordingly.

4 after a hunt it's always exciting for some players to sprint to the workshop after a hunt to see what's available. I do this. My buddies do this. A lot of people do this. Dont spend forever in there, we got big shit to kill. This isnt much of a problem in Monster Hunter World but after having played half the titles in the series I can vouch.

5 Just dont be a d*ck.

That's all from me, if anyone has anything else please feel free to throw it down. Good luck, and good hunting.

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