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Howdy all. The posts about the MHW collab for Dragalia Lost a bit ago reminded me of my very own favorite mobile game collab, Puzzle And Dragon X Monster Hunter. Below is an album featuring all the collectable card art and their respective in-game names.

As you might notice, some (Valphalk) are direct translations of the Japanese names rather than the localized English, which I found interesting.

This collab has come by three (four?) times on the North American version of the game: Once when MHW released, once six months in, and the final at Iceborne's release.

All of the monsters are rolled in a gacha, unfortunately, as are their weapons (irreversible evolutions of the base card).

The interesting part was the Hunters. Each time the collab has made its appearance, players received one Male hunter in the in-game mail and one Female hunter for completing the associated collab dungeon. Additional hunters could be purchased for in-game currency.

The collab dungeon dropped monster materials that were either used to skill up the monster cards for reduced active cooldown, or to evolve the base hunters into their monster gear forms.

The Iceborne release of the collab also brought with it the "Female Hunter, Valkyrie – Ciel", "Female Hunter, Athena – Non", and "Male Hunter, Zeus – Giga" armors, which are based on existing PAD cards. I'm hoping that a future Monster Hunter collaboration with GungHo includes these armors 🙂


Additionally, for the Iceborne return of the collab, three monsters were added: Velkhana (obviously), Furious Rajang and Gore Magala. Alatreon, Fatalis, Seregios and Yama-Tsukami were added during the second collab, whereas everything else was in the first showing, so we might not be able to glean any information from this — but if the collab refreshes with new, non-Iceborne monsters in the future, there might be a hint of new content to come.

If you're interested in monster stats, skills, and other information, here's a link to the first card in the series. Each other card is linked further down the page.

I just thought this would be fun to share since I'm sure there are folks here who don't play PAD and haven't heard of this. My favorite thing about it, outside of how powerful or unique some of the cards were (Fatalis required an L shape match of dark orbs but also got most of his damage from a 3×3 box on a 6×5 board, for example), is the art. Enjoy.

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