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Palico, tailraider and grimalkyne leveling

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Palico, tailraider and grimalkyne leveling

I saw an old post about this but I did some experimentation and came up with these results

Grimalkyne levels: You can check each grimalkyne faction level by going into the menu, info, palico info, and on console press RT/R2. This will show you each level for the seperate factions, which you become friendly with by doing the side quest, unlocking the gadget (you can find out how to unlock these on youtube).

This is important as increasing the level to level 6 can let you unlock treasure (for a game achievement, like on steam, xbox or ps trophies) and will increase the usefulness of grinalkyne tailraiders.

Once you have done the above and are not level 10 already, you need preferably free meal (free meal secret is really good for this) and try to get as high wide range as possible (the higher the faster you level). You can easily get a wide-range charm from the smithy and it is easy to upgrade (you can get level 3 before finishing iceborne, lv 4 reauires guiding lands materials) and inserting any wide range decorations to get you as high as possible is important. Finally you need a good supply of mega potions (you will need a lot without free meal, with you will need about 20-30 from level 1-10 as an estimate; I am just guessing though).

Once you have prepped, you can go on an expedition and use tailraider signal from the baobao to upgrade tailraiders, or you can find the grimalkynes in the area, go towards them and go back to the nearest camp (you can fast travel if you want). Each area has different grimalkynes but some may appear from other areas, I believe (it is a bit rare so I am saying this off of my memory). Ancient forest has bugtrappers; Wildspire Wastes has protectors; Coral Highlands has troupers; Rotten Vale has plunderers; Elder's Recess has Gajalaka; and Hoarfrost Reach has baobao.


Now the grindy part, your palico and grimalkyne/ tailraider should be at your camp next to each other. Now go to the handler and drink a mega potion and you should see them have the effect around them also. If not, make sure you have wide range again. If it worked, talk to the handler and claim your rewards to see a partial level increase (more wide range gives you a higher level increase) in the grimalkyne faction/ tailraiders. Now use the mega again and claim, repeat until level 6 or 10. If you run out of potions go back to your camp and get them out of the box and carry on. Once you finish make sure you have claimed and return from the expedition. Note: the level increase does not stack, so you have to do it one by one or you are wasting potions and you can also only have either a tailraider or grimalkyne, not both. If you are finished with tailraiders but have the one you are doing next in the same area, you still have to go to another area and come back.

I reccommend investing the time into doing this as its quite useful to have more allies.

Palico gadget leveling: This one is much simpler, but is more worthwhile. If you are playing normally, equip the tool you want to use or level and just play the game, and if you are going on expeditions where you will not be fighting equip a gadget you need to level and leave your palico behind, it gets more levels from leaving it and letting it train on its own than taking it with you and doing nothing. You can at a certain level get access to manually activating the gadgets from your item radial at some point. This is key for farming. You can either use these mid fight for a bit better leveling and usage or you can do the following.

Unlock the manual use at lv 5 or 6, go right outside the camp, use everything he does, go inside camp, change to a different gadget and then back to the original one, repeat and end with a claim. With plunderblade and meowlotov you need to be attacking a monster, preferably a large one, for good level ups, meaning you can go up against a great jagras, use the things, go to camp, repeat the above.

That is all I know but please comment if any of what I said is wrong or if I missed something

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