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Pay it Foward: USJ 2 Hosting (Part 2)

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Sessions will run from 10:00 PM CDT to 11:00 PM CDT unless otherwise noted.

Saturday Session ID: 3MmbWEkFfdNb

Sunday Session ID:

Monday Session ID:

Tuesday Session ID:

Wednesday Session ID:

I have received a lot of PMs and additional comments on my original post requesting that I host again, and it looks like I will be able to do so in the days leading up to the Summer Festival.

Again – no donations will be accepted. See original post for history.

The time I will spend hosting is a drop in the bucket compared to what some twitch streamers are providing. If you cannot make these times, or get into the rooms, I highly encourage you to search the Monster Hunter subreddits for info on Twitch streamers that run this CONSTANTLY. I know I have seen a couple posts lately.

I'm aware that the USJ quests will likely be more accessible via SOS, etc. during the festival, but I figure if people that need it can get it out of the way beforehand then it will be one less quest vying for their attention during the festival.


While I think the idea of a line in the gathering hub is pretty cool for getting everyone their materials in an orderly fashion, I have no way of enforcing it. If a line happens to form and some do not adhere to it, please do not berate them in game or call them out in this thread. It may suck, but unfortunately it's the risk you take by being a decent person sometimes.

I hope to see you all out there!

Edit: kid shit his pants… Will extend session to cover time lost… Be back shortly.

Edit: It was… everywhere… Hosting resumed. My apologies for the delay. I will extend the session until 11:30 PM CDT to compensate. Thank you for your patience.

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