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MonsterHunterWorld7 - PC Behemoth suggestions

I am putting this out there in the hope that people pugging "he taketh it with his eyes" will be able to increase their chance of succeeding. Based on my ps4 and PC experience.

You should always count on healing yourself, even if someone has wide range. The quicker rate of healing saves countless lives. I've seen a lot of players on PC not healing and it sucks…

On that note, at least keep life powder on deck for when someone gets stunned or pinned down. It happens.

If you dont already, have a copy of your build with some wide range on it. You may have to switch to it if your group cant keep up.

Most likely a PUG wont be smart about the tornado placement so pack flash flies to keep carybdis interrupted. It sucks to lose out on the damage while he channels but it sucks worse to fail. If people generally know what they're doing, put the tornadoes on the walls, or at the very least, far from comet.


General quality of life/survival advice: -free meal procs fairly frequently and has saved some resources when going wide range – Divine protection, even at level 1, procs fairly often for me, and has saved my greedy ass plenty. – dash juice on wide range is really good for this fight. Protects stamina for running and repositioning – dont be afraid to sheath and wait till you know what he will do, especially if you suspect ecliptical meteor is coming. – carrying a farseeker and hiding in the tent at camp works on ecliptical meteor. So if you fainted and are running to behemoth, but see that bad boy dropping, this is a life saver.

Nothing new here for console players, but this encounter is likely culture shock for PC players. I hope this helps!

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