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Kulve Horn Chip Mechanics

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Kulve Horn Chip Mechanics

So there was a post a while back(that I can’t seem to find) that stated that once Kulve’s gold plating on the horns has been broken, if she digs then you cannot ever chip the horns until she is released. From reading the post it seemed like this was a PC specific mechanic, but idk I don’t play console.

People in the comments were saying they were able to chip sometimes and there was confusion, and I think I’ve figured out why.

I’ve recently been doing duo persuit one runs with a friend, and we’ve managed to figure out something about the mechanic. Not only will digging reset this, but if Kulve transitions to area 2 and then turns red, the health on the horns is locked right as she turns red.


So I’ve had runs where I’ve broken the plating in area one, Kulve transitions to area 2, and the horns are unbreakable because she just turned red when she got there. I’ve also had a run where the same thing happened except she didn’t turn red and the horns were chipable.

I’m not 100% sure that turning red in the first area will cause the same thing to happen or not though.

You can tell if the horns are unbreakable or not by doing enough damage to the horns until Kulve flinches. If she flinches there’s nothing you can do to break the horns until she releases. There is also a tool that shows HP bars if you don’t mind using that. It seems the HP bar’s name on that tool changes when the horns HP get’s locked.

Let me know if you can confirm what I’ve found here

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