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PC players: here’s a list of weapons to craft before Iceborne, you’ll thank yourself later (no spoilers)

MonsterHunterWorld10 - PC players: here's a list of weapons to craft before Iceborne, you'll thank yourself later (no spoilers)

An annoyingly large number of weapons in Iceborne don't have a direct craft option into MR, so you have to farm lower rank monsters to go through the tree which sucks.

This list has all the HR weapons that turn into MR weapons that are currently meta in Iceborne's endgame. This doesn't mean they're the only worthwhile ones, just the ones that deal the most damage and which a lot of people will want. If I listed every "good" or "viable" weapon we'd be here all day. I grabbed them from the meta compilation at monsterhuntermeta, but the names here are all HR weapons so there's no spoilers.

The weapons that do have a direct craft option into MR aren't included in this list, so if a category has few options it's likely because they don't have many weapons that require a previous HR weapon to craft.

Greatsword: Dragonbone Cleaver III

Longsword: Dragonbone Stabber III, Wyvern Blade "Holly" (Pink Rathian), Magda Facultas II (Zorah Magdaros, only craft this one if you're a speedrunner)

Sword and Shield:

Raw: Royal Rose (Pink Rathian)
Elemental: Corona (Rathalos), Legia Rimespire (Legiana), Master Bang (Workshop)

Dual Blades: Jyura Hatchets III (Jyuratodus, craft 2 pairs), Lava Cyclone II (Lavasioth), Sin (Odogaron), Enduring Schism (Workshop), Kirin Bolts+ (Kirin)

Charge Blade:
Raw: Dear Hecatelia (Pink Rathian)
Elemental: Jyura Depth III (Jyuratodus), Hazak Aspida II (Vaal Hazak)

Switch Axe:
Raw: Dying Light (Nergigante), Rathbringer Axe II (Rathalos)
Elemental: Lightning Chopper III, Legia Frostreaver (Legiana), Hazak Demios II (Vaal Hazak)


Hammer: Dragonbone Basher III, Obliteration's Footfall (Nergigante), Diablos Shatterer II (Diablos)

Hunting Horn: Bazelreid Rookslayer (Bazelgeuse)

Lance: Perdition's Hand (Nergigante)

Normal: Royal Burst (Pink Rathian)
Long: Hazak Spysa II (Vaal Hazak)
Wide: Blue Chariot (Rathalos, optional as there is a better option in MR but you can get this earlier)

Insect Glaive:
Raw: Dragonbone Glaive III, Catastrophe's Light (Nergigante)
Elemental: Hazak Entoma II (Vaal Hazak), Firedance Rathmaul (Rathalos)

Bow: Hazak Velos II (Vaal Hazak), Flying Kadachi Strikebow (Tobi-Kadachi), Legia Snowfletcher (Legiana)

Light Bowgun: Dragonbone Bowgun III, Gulgoleth's Wail (Vaal Hazak), Mythical Three-Horn (Kirin), Jyura Bullet III (Jyuratodus), Empress Shell "Ruin" (Lunastra/Nergigante)

Heavy Bowgun:
Normal: Destruction's Fusillade (Nergigante)
Pierce: Kadachi Lion III (Tobi-Kadachi)
Sticky: Magda Gemitus II (Zorah Magdaros)

Check your mains and get to farming! You don't want to interrupt your Iceborne adventures to farm a zillion High Rank Kirins or something like that (had to farm 10 goddamn HR Kirin horns yesterday…)

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