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PC port – Denuvo Misconceptions

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A lot of misinformation has been spread on this subreddit (and in general) about the DRM solution MH:W will be using, Denuvo. This isn't about the argument of ethics in using DRM or whether it should have DRM or not (and yes, Denuvo has some issues), this is about addressing things that people have been saying about Denuvo that might turn off people from the game, when in reality these things are either just straight false or not always true.

Does Denuvo affect performance?

The short answer is that it can. The long answer is that it is down to implementation, and plenty of games (MGSV, DOOM, Mad Max, even games like Total War: Warhammer 2 had some of the best performance compared to the recent entries) run perfectly fine. The most frequently cited example of performance issues is with a game called Rime, which made over 10000 calls a second (obviously a bad idea). Here is Sonic Mania, after 2 hours 12 minutes it wrote 8.88MB to the SSD, likely due to saving.
For reference, the previous image gallery with Lords of the Fallen showed chrome writing about 13000 bytes per second, or if you assume that amount of writing persists for a whole hour, chrome writes about 48.6MB/hour to your SSD. As it turns out, googling conspiracy theories about Denuvo ruining your SSD is more likely to damage your SSD than playing a Denuvo game.

Does Denuvo prevent the possibility of mods?


Short answer: No.

Long answer: Denuvo works by preventing the reverse engineering of the executable (as well as debugging it), it doesn't mess with the actual game files itself. Mods that mess with game code, art, sound or anything else will all be possible, if the developers allow it. It has nothing to do with Denuvo itself, unless your mod is actually trying to modify the executable file itself, which your average steam workshop mod is not going to do

Does Denuvo have an install limit?

There are generally two ways this goes, either there is a 5 machine install limit, or a 5 machine per day install limit. The store page already confirms it is the latter option, which is the best possible implementation as far as I am aware. The reason this exists in the first place is to help prevent the spread of pirated copies.

I hope some of this at least helps eager players understand exactly what Denuvo is, and know that, if implemented properly, will have basically no observable impact on the game whatsoever.

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