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Possible ERR 12: Graphics device crashed fix [PC]

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Possible ERR 12: Graphics device crashed fix [PC]

So this has been bothering me for quite a while (well at least since the last driver that worked for MHW, using a GTX 1080) and I’ve wanted to update the driver since some of the recently released games I had were receiving performance optimizations in the latest drivers.

I was using driver version 398.36 and updating to any version after that causes the game to randomly crash with ERR 12. I tried to look for a fix and somehow found similar answers in several forums (Steam and nVidia forums) about using nVidia Inspector to delete the graphics profile for Monster Hunter World to fix a stuttering issue with drivers post 398.36.

So I thought the graphics device crashing could be because of the newer driver using the old saved profile for MHW from the previous driver since I didn’t tick clean install option in the installation of the newer drivers so it could just imported the existing profiles to the new driver.


I found a link to nVidia Inspector (link below) and downloaded the program, searched MHW and clicked the X icon then Apply Changes, after that I updated the drivers to the latest (417.01 as of this post) with the clean install option ticked.

I have been playing the game for about 4 hours and have not experienced a single crash so far unlike before where it would crash just within a few minutes after entering a quest and performance seems to be the same as before on 398.36 (using highest settings at 1080p) 🙂

Hope it helps you guys who want to update their drivers without worrying about MHW crashing!

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