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PC Reminder: real experience/skill scaling relates to duration of battles

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So I just wanted to put a little reminder out to all PC players as they are starting to reach High Rank. I posted this on a different forum ..but thought this applies well here too.


I've noticed a lot of video reviews talk about the duration of taking down some monsters (like Apex monsters) can be well past 30 minutes. While this is true due to lack of gear, the more sneaky element is actually natural skill level and knowledge of the monsters moves. Eventually those exact hunts you struggled with for 40 minutes you will be able to do in 5-10 minutes down the road (or even sub-3 when youve mastered them–.but lets not get ahead of ourselves!). Basically, its gets easier and faster – not exactly because of gear though :)!


You will most likely go through phases over time across dozens and dozens of battles against each specific monster. When dealing with a threat initially, all is new and you likely fail the first time against these Apex monsters- but you will learn. You will practice what you learned on the next hunt and you will find relief in seeing reasonable progress. In relative time, you will begin to feel comfortable and start to experiment with various skills, items, combo's, weapon types all while better timing your dodges and stamina management, but in this experimentation you will again fail… but again you will learn! And you will practice your new found knowledge and experimentation to find success all over. You will plateau in skill level and find consistency for a good length of time – sometimes you may think you have done and seen it all for that specific monster. But then, down the road somehow– you will have something "click" yet again, and you will be at a level of real mastery for that weapon type, and against that monster. A level where you know your weapon so well, and you know that beast so well that you seamlessly dodge every incoming tail swing, scratch, charge, horn thrust – everything – without every getting hit. Yes, you will reach that point, trust me. You'll time your best combo's to trip them on their sides to utterly destroy them with finesse, which is compounded by the fact that your incredibly stronger weapons inflict enough damage to near stun lock them into oblivion.



Yes, gear helps of course —-but…how much, really? Just ask Behemoth players …it is incredibly dependent on the person. For some people, gear seems to mean absolutely no difference. For others, it seems to help quite a bit. Weapons may matter more over armor if you ask me, but that is simply opinion, though even that doesnt help as much you might think. It is largely due to real skill, common sense, and knowledge about proper positioning that matters at the end of the day (when to strike, where to strike, what to strike with–and when not to strike) to consistently win – and to win quickly!


Happy Hunting 🙂

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