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People, please start taking defensive abilities with you if you are dying.

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - People, please start taking defensive abilities with you if you are dying.

I'm so frustrated with randoms dying, and if it's you, great, here's a guide.

Take Health Boost 3. Eat/max potion for another health boost. 200 HP. It's a start.

Stun resistance 3. They're common decorations, but you can also make a charm for it as well. If you're fighting Diablos, this is mandatory.

Upgrade your armor. Spheres are plenty, especially late game. If you find yourself using a particular piece of gear a lot, just upgrade it.

Carry 3 flash pods and 10 flash bugs. Abuse them if something is giving you trouble/going to one-shot you.

Get mushroomancer 3, it will give you 10 max potions. It's incredibly useful and synergizes well with health boost. The charm gives level 2 so you only need one piece of armor to max it out.df

The above is useful for all monsters.


Resistances: pay attention to those, especially for monsters that use fire/explosives. Get at least 5 fire resistance, and then you can eat the veggie platter to get to 20, which negates fire blight.

Specifically for Bazelgeuse and Uragaan: take anti-blast decorations with you. It greatly reduces the damage you take from their bombs.

Do the arena quests. They unlock great pieces of armor to craft that have a ton of slots.

And if you're the type of person that will fight a monster by yourself that has nothing to do with the quest, there's a special place in hell for you my friend.

Edit: as u/Phxrebirth pointed out, the scales from Bazelgeuse and Uragaan do not inflict blast blight.

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