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Phish’s Petalace Guide. Or: How to BIRD UP!

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Phish's Petalace Guide. Or: How to BIRD UP!

Obnoxiously, Petalaces are a new mechanic to the Monster Hunter series that aren't completely explained and can be confusing to new and old players alike. I'm here to remedy that. Note that this does contain a tiny spoiler for the values of one of the "endgame" Petalaces because they rank up as you progress and there's no reverting them.

First lets talk numbers and what they mean. In your equipment box or equipment status info for the Petalace
jCF9wek - Phish's Petalace Guide. Or: How to BIRD UP!

the first number is how much extra health total you can get in a hunt from birds. This is represented in the UI as
Rm30sVH - Phish's Petalace Guide. Or: How to BIRD UP!grey health that can't be filled in any way other than grabbing birds.

The second number is how much health you gain per bird pickup. As you can see my current Petalace has a Health Up value of 50 and a Health Gained value of 5. That means it'll take 10 health (green) birds to get the max amount of health from my Petalace in a hunt as each bird gives me 5.

The rest of the numbers follow the same trend of how much your total capacity for buffs is with the value each bird will give you below that.

Stamina up are yellow birds, attack are red and defense are orange. Stamina has a similar grey bar filled by grabbing birds but the atk and def birds will only flash
wvuHIb5 - Phish's Petalace Guide. Or: How to BIRD UP!

a quick progress bar on your screen on pickup.

Note that rainbow birds (called Prism in-game) which you can currently only find in arena and Rampages will max out the stats of your equipped Petalace. Your + menu table will change to reflect this. (Side note, I love that little picture of the Prism bird. He's just such a fat and fabulous little guy.)

In a hunt if you want to tell how many birds you have you can press the + button and you'll see a table on the bottom left of your screen. Far left numbers are total capacity for buffs. To the right of those are how much buff numbers you have with how many birds you've gathered in parentheses. I personally hate how this is a weird reverse fraction with the total being on the left and the number on the right being completely useless unless you want to do head math to figure out how many more birds you need for max buffs. Mid-hunt head math is NOT something I'm here for.

It's a little bit awkward to quickly parse exactly how many birds you need to get max buffs that way. Just look at how much grey health/stamina you have missing if you want more of that and pay a little bit of attention to the popup you get when you get atk/def as
it'll say MAX when you've filled it.


There are 4 different Petalaces as you progress the story. Hunting, Strength, Fortitude, Demon. Respectively they are: general purpose, max HP, max stam/def, max atk. Pick whatever one fits your playstyle as there's not a wrong choice here.

As the name "Permabuffs" implies any bird buffs you obtain are permanant to whatever hunt you grab them in. If you die you keep your bird buffs. (And Dango buffs too by the looks of things, a change I'm extremely happy with.)

Keep in mind that by simply equipping a Petalace there is NO PASSIVE BUFF whatsoever unless you grab birds. It's entirely possible in the future we'll be able to get ones that auto-bird you but for weaker total buff power.

How to actually find the birds and make your own routes instead of using someone else's:
hZyNRC5 - Phish's Petalace Guide. Or: How to BIRD UP!

Try setting your HUD to Detailed Map and your HUD Map Toggle Type to Toggle On. This makes your minimap look like so. With this setting you can always hold left bumper to see
the large map when you need to orient yourself. Then in the detailed map you can use the bumpers to change the category of things you'll see in your minimap,
E41HhYg - Phish's Petalace Guide. Or: How to BIRD UP!
like permabuffs.

"But Phish I'm a pro gamer who kills monsters in my sleep! I don't need buffs!" That's fine, they are completely optional. Keep in mind that you have 50 min to complete a hunt. You can take an extra 5 min to run around the map and collect Health and Def birds to help you survive. Maybe do an extra 2 min to grab full atk birds on your way to the monster. Or if you don't require any birds to hunt the monster because you're a badass then just fast travel to the camp nearest to the monster and go to town.

Player freedom, it's completely up to you. Basically every character in the game tells you to take your time. Gathering birds is just another part of that if you choose to do so.

TL:DR: Pick the Petalace that fits your playstyle. Look for birds, grab birds. Stop grabbing birds when you feel like you have enough birds for what you're trying to do.

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