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Please don’t spam messages for the entire quest…

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Just had to abandon a capture quest cause we ran out of traps. Was playing with two other hunters, one playing as prowler. The prowler, from about 3 minutes into the quest would not stop spamming this "set a trap, I can't!" Message. At first it was fine. It's good to let us know you can't. But oh my god this person just wouldn't stop. The Monster isn't even close to being weak enough for capture yet, so I didn't listen to him at first. But after a while it got so annoying, I caved and set one anyways just to make it stop. Of course the tranqs didn't do anything. So this prowler just starts right up again spamming his message. Finally when the Monster is weak enough, I set down my only other trap…. Monster flies to another area. And it soon becomes apparent that I'm the only one that had any traps to begin with.. So we stand around for 5 minutes as our new favorite prowler friend relentlessly commands us to set more traps that we don't have… If you're reading this, which I hope you are. Please don't do this, it ruins the quest for everyone. Yes, I should have brought the materials to make more traps. No, it wasn't your fault that we ran out, but oh my god your non stop pestering did not help.

TLDR: one of our hunters spammed a "set a trap, I can't!" Message at leeeeast like 60 times during a capture quest. We ran out of traps and abandoned. Please stop.

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