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Please explain endgame MHW

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Hey so the entire time I’ve been super hyped while playing this game. My time with the story was great and I had a blast with some of the challenging boss fights and occasional grind to get some of the gear I wanted so i could get past the wall.

This game felt extremely vast and unknown to me and I watched a bunch of videos and reddit posts before I could even touch the content myself. But now that I’m HR 38 i think I’m tricking myself to believe that there is more to endgame than I know about or that there is some way of playing this game that I’m not doing that would suddenly make this game a masterpiece.

Could some one please draw out/confirm the endgame progression and to-do-lists for me?

This is what I understand about end game: – grind to HR 49 to unlock Kirin and tempered Elders -grind tempered elders to get hero stones -grind t2 monsters afterwards to get decorations – get to HR100… ( to unlock what?) – HR100+ ( then what)


Oh and on the side: – Keep up with weekly bounties ( are they worth doing?) – Event quests (are they all worth doing?)

If I can get some clarification on this and some perspective from those who think they’re 100 hrs in and don’t see themselves stopping- what is keeping you going and what do you think is so great about this game?

I just don’t feel like I’ve completely maximized my time with this game yet even though I can’t complain about the time I already had with the game, it feels weird to move on to another game at this point because I like to “beat” one game at a time but I don’t see myself ever going for Platinum just for the sake of trophies.

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