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Please ONLY place bombs if Kulve Taroth is asleep!

img intro02 1024x503 - Please ONLY place bombs if Kulve Taroth is asleep!

I don't know why this started happening as yesterday no one was doing this, but there's been an upsurge of players placing bombs right beside Kulve Taroth's face when she's paralyzed or knocked down. This is an awful idea, as the damage you'll get per bomb doesn't compare to four hunters attacking the head all at once. What you're doing is knocking everyone back and preventing any further damage for a good four seconds, for what is usually a measly 360 damage. I've actually had two quests now where Kulve Taroth escaped because our big damage chances were thwarted by a bomb placement in the fourth area.

Now if Kulve Taroth is asleep, go nuts. That's when you want to do one big attack and it's a great chance to stack tons of bombs and set them all off near the head at once. But if she's paralyzed or knocked down please, for the love of all hunters, leave the bombs in your bag.


EDIT: Some people have made some good points regarding bombs when Kulve Taroth isn't asleep, paralyzed or knocked down. If she's just running around and attacking, placing bombs is a good way to get some extra damage in, especially if she isn't molting yet. Adding to that, if you manage to knock Kulve Taroth down before she molts, placing bombs around the horn might actually do more damage – but ONLY if you're able to coordinate it with other players. Going rogue and placing a single bomb that blows everyone out of the way will still cause you to do less damage than if you'd coordinated an attack.

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