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Please upgrade your armor (sigh)

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Please upgrade your armor (sigh)

Tldr: please upgrade your armor before joining tougher quests.

So, today I logged in for a couple of quick rounds before I get to my work. Three hunts in a row, the quests failed because the same people got carted. One Xeno fight was even almost over.

From what I could tell, it wasn't even that they were particularly bad. They just got hit too hard, oneshot by attacks that shouldn't have oneshot them at their HR. I actually followed two of them and asked nicely. They didn't upgrade their armor pieces at all.

I mean… why? If you're good enough to dodge everything, sure. For all I care, you could hunt naked. But otherwise, for everyone's benefit, please upgrade your armor. Throw in some defense up or divine blessing or health up if you would feel safer that way. The math is pretty simple, really. Monster hp's doubled, but there are four hunters. We have the number advantage as long as we stay alive and finish the quest.


I will never expect randoms to have good decos or awesome controls. I don't mind hunts taking much longer than I thought, as long as everyone seems to be doing their best. It's actually more fun, at least for me, to struggle together. But I think it's reasonable to expect anyone and everyone to at least have their armor upgraded to the max, especially when fighting elder dragons. Pretty please.

But otherwise, I wish everyone a great day!

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