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[Poll]Do you/would you prefer RNG Charms and craftable decorations a la Pre-MHW, or the reverse a la MHW as it is?

maxresdefault 1024x576 - [Poll]Do you/would you prefer RNG Charms and craftable decorations a la Pre-MHW, or the reverse a la MHW as it is?
Loading... This poll is made to promote discussion about how RNG can structure some of the progression on the Monster Hunter series.

In previous Monster Hunter entries (nearly every game before World), the system was that you would get charms as loot from a random loot table, and as the game progresses, you would get charms of increasing rarity and therefor higher-level skills. Of course, this was also when negative skills were a thing, and that was a real thing you had to factor in when creating a build. If you've never played any entry before World, there were many factors in how a charm could be structured. Sometimes a charm had one or two skills, and each skill could be a positive or negative value. There is also a possibility of said charms having slots, up to three, where you could put in decorations. This kind of made it where a specific charm that you may or may not have could make or break a build you're aiming for. (Again, this was before MHW had slot levels, where the decoration took up the entire slot, but at different tiers. Back then, decorations took up up to three slots depending on how many skill points they provided.)


In the current MHW, the entire skill point system has been revamped, so the reverse of the previous situation is actually the case. As most of you probably know by now, you can craft and upgrade charms to a certain degree, which as far as I know, hasn't been a thing in previous entries, but only really contain a single, powerful skill, while the decorations are actually what make or break the build. (i.e. having said decorations at all). These charms don't have the capacity for slots, nor are they ever obtained from a loot table, and serve more to fill gaps in skills for their maximum potential, rather than having the entire build centered around it.

Now that I've presented both of these as best as I could, let me know which of them you prefer, regardless of whether or not you've played a previous entry, as it should give some interesting insights from other hunters.

Personally, I kind of liked the variety given to me by the previous entries, because there were so many ways to find and loot for charms on top of a large, laaaaaarge amount of decorations you could craft. In 4U I was literally drowning in charms. But at the same time, I can see why they went with the current system in MHW, as they did revamp the entire armor skill system as a whole so it isn't as jarring, but there's currently only one way to farm for decorations, and the drop rates for the things you want feel so abysmally low that farming just feels incredibly inefficient. (Honestly though I could just be really salty about being 200 hours into the game and not having a single Protective Polish gem. It's not even on my desire sensor. Game pls.)

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