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Possible subspecies and variants for Iceborne

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Possible subspecies and variants for Iceborne

Tagged as spoilers since I might predict something on accident.

With all the variants and subspecies introduced in G Rank/Ultimate expansions of various Monster Hunter games, I have a feeling that World is going to be no exception to the rule when Iceborne comes, but who of the new cast of monsters will get the subspecies treatment, which will get the variants treatment? Keep in mind that just because the name is "Iceborne" doesn't mean that all the new monsters have be ice themed. Let's start speculating!

Kicking off with a fan favorite, we have Odogaron and I have thought of both a subspecies and a variant: the Frostclaw Odogaron and the Bloodlust Odogaron respectively. Starting off with the Frostclaw; the FcO will have a color inversion from red to lightish blue with a bit of fur detailing and a mechanic similar to Zamtrios in that it'll form a protective ice shield around himself either from the start of the battle or when he enrages and coat his claws in sharp icicles that can inflict bleeding and/or iceblight, Frostclaw weapons will innately have Ice Element and Natural purple sharpness without the need for handicraft. Bloodlust Odogaron is pretty much like Savage Deviljho (assuming Bazelgeuse doesn't get a variant like that, but I'll talk about that later): highly aggressive, less health in exchange for extra damage and more prone to going into it's berserker state, Bloodlust weapons will be direct upgrades of base Odogaron weapons with higher affinity, fully awakened fire element and of course; Natural purple sharpness.


Since I mentioned Bazelgeuse earlier, it only seems fitting that I talk about it's variant: the Rampant Bazelgeuse. Rampant will be tougher to kill, more explosive and give off both blast and fireblight like Teo and Luna with it's breath attacks and bomb residue. Rampant Bazelgeuse weapons will also be direct upgrades to the regular Bazelgeuse weapons, boasting higher raw and blast damage until Master Rank Xeno/Luna weapons outperform them in every situation.


For Legiana: I have the Coral Legiana subspecies, a Legiana that prefers fighting in the air more that the regular Legiana with more tail sweeps, corkscrews and pin attacks. Coral Legiana weapons will be direct upgrades to the regular Legiana line and base ice weapon lines with higher raw and ice damage (and making quite an attractive set of armor and Dual Blades and/or a Charge Blade, fingers crossed)

Pukei-Pukei's subspecies will be a bit more generalist compared to regular Pukei-Pukei, able to use craftable items (i.e. bowgun/bow seeds) to mix with it's poison, example: Parashrooms and Sporepuffs or Smokenuts will make a paralysis cloud, or Needleberries and Toadstools will put down caltrops that inflict the deadly poison status, so on and so forth.

I could go on, but there are so many ideas I have, I doubt all of them will see the light of day.

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