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Possibly helpful things regarding the Special Assignment “No Remorse, No Surrender”

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A few things I've noticed about the Special Assignment "No Remorse, No Surrender" that may or may not be helpful for others to know:

-Teostra and Lunastra prioritize protecting each other. If both of them are in the same area, don't try to divide their attention- it won't work. One will beeline over to (and prioritize attacking) whoever is currently attacking the other.

-Lunastra's supernova: It seems that the flames it leaves on the ground unleash a small burst of spectral flames. I've noticed the flames tend to jet out when a hunter is close enough to them, and always towards the hunter. Thus, I would highly recommend keeping a clear distance from the flames left on the ground after Lunatra's supernova- they do not function like the normal blue flames she leaves.

-Unlike Rathian and Rathalos, Teostra and Lunastra's roars when they become enraged do NOT call the other to their location. On the few occasions that they do end up in different areas, pick one and get as much damage in on them as you can.


-If you see two notices show up on the right side of the screen, IT IS NOT A TURF WAR. Teostra and Lunastra have a sort of 'team-attack' where they do a bit of an aerial dance, then unleash both their supernovas at the same time- the notices of "Teostra: Bond with Lunastra" and "Lunastra: Bond with Teostra" showing up are your warning for when they're about to use it.

-As difficult as it may be, focus on taking out one of them first and save the other one for later. Killing one and then the other is much easier than trying to kill them both at the same time.

-Flash Pods don't have much of an effect on Lunastra. If Flashed when airborne, she flinches, then lands shortly after as opposed to dropping to the ground stunned. She also seems to immediately enter rage-mode once the effect wears off.

-Don't waste your Dung Bombs. Both Teostra AND Lunastra will ignore them entirely.

-Teostra and Lunastra seem to have slightly different patterns for what areas they go to. Keep this in mind if you're trying to separate them.

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