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Potentially unpopular opinion/feedback: Tenderizing – Clutch claw

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Potentially unpopular opinion/feedback: Tenderizing - Clutch claw

Let me preface this by saying I love iceborne, and I immensely enjoy all aspects of it – it is one of the best monster hunter games I've ever played, and the devs deserve all the credit for the amazing game they've created. As well as all they continue to do for us in a gaming climate where AAA developers take a mile where only an inch is given. I'm extremely grateful, as I'm sure many of you are too.

That being said, for all of its brilliance, it's not without flaws, and I'd like to take a moment to adress what is in my opinion, Icebornes biggest one. The clutch claw. Specifically it's tenderizing mechanic. I thought I would enjoy it more as I dumped more time into iceborne, but at MR275, I can say I've only become more irritated by it.

It is absolutely mandatory to use. You are enabling an extreme handicap on yourself if you don't maintain a tenderized part. The damage increase you get from tenderizing a monster part completely offsets the default 20% reduction in damage dealt to MR monsters. The concept itself is fine, but the execution is flawed to a degree that makes the clutch claw, in my opinion, feel like a chore to use.

Maintaining a tenderized part, can be a very tedious and frustrating task for many weapons due to the fact that the lighter weapons require 2 grapple attacks to tenderize a part, or alternatively 3 claw attacks and 1 grapple attack. Let's be completely honest here, 3 claw attacks before a grapple attack is just plainly clunky and awkward to execute. This is especially noticable when the monster is enraged and you have no mantles available for a safe tenderize attack. You are essentially forced to play with gimped damage until there is an opening large enough to use the tenderizing attack not once, but twice (unless using a heavy weapon).

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This issue also sometimes, though less frequently, goes hand in hand with the claws targeting issues. I'm sure many of you have experienced moments where you've been aiming directly at a specific part to latch onto, and through some mysterious alignment of the stars fly off onto a completely random or adjacent part of the monster. By the time you adjust yourself, the window is closed and you've been knocked away by an attack that would otherwise barely stagger your player in normal circumstances.

I've thought about solutions for this too, as I don't want to mindlessly rant or complain to a developer that's otherwise been very mindful to our community. So here are my thoughts:

Make adjustments to weakness exploit: return it to the way it was in the base game, and instead make it allow for easier and/or extended tenderization. For example, for heavy weapons extend the duration of the wound by 30-40% at level 3. For weapons that currently take 2 grapple attacks to tenderize, adjust weakness exploit to wound a part with 1 grapple attack. This would remove a lot of the clunky awkwardness the mechanic presents in its current state.

If the weakness exploit adjustments aren't suitable, then allow for those same adjustments without them being tied to weakness exploit, and maybe even allow us to refresh the timer on a wounded part by landing the grapple attack again.

Anyway that's just my 2 cents on the matter. I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts too. Hopefully with some luck our discussion will help shape iceborne into the best game it possibly can be.

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    Jack Mahoney
    Jan 25, 2020 6:59 pm

    I agree with all of your criticisms here. I really dislike how it changes the way the game is played so much. I would love if they just reverted weakness exploit and removed tenderizing. Also I would love if they removed the “clutch claw stun” animation that monsters sometimes do, the one where they’re drooling. The CC time can be extended by using the clutch claw. I just really hate getting that stun with a spirit blade III and having them go out of range of round slash. It also just looks dumb as the monster just stands there drooling. I just want to use the weapon I chose to use and not have to use that dumb claw they forced on us. Those changes would make me love this game more than base world. I love all the monsters and other content Iceborne has come with, but the clutch claw irritates me to no end.

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