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Power creep in MHW new content

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Something I've been thinking about is how the new monsters are expanding the end game.

●Deviljoe is easily as difficult as the elderdragons (at least in tempered form) especially considering his dragon breath being strong against nearly all endgame armor sets and his peculiar behaviour in traps. He also dominates turfwars and can use his victims as unblockable weapons to bludgeon you with. On top of that, his weapons are incredibly easy to make, forming it's own 2 tier tree using nothing but his own materials . They are also completely viable for the endgame despite technically being available very early in the game. ●Kulve is definitely one of the hardest fights in the game, especially for players who havent yet built their endgame sets. She is scaled to fight so many players so she's hard to beat and she hits like a freaking truck. Definitely one of the most difficult things in the game depending on team composition. Her armor is amazing and her relic weapons just straight up give you free end tier weapons. Definitely worthy of being locked behind Xeno, the games "final boss" due to the challenge and reward Kulve offers.


SPOILERS: the rest of the leaked monsters are also elder dragons. ●oroshi kirin is basically ice kirin. In my experience, kirin is one of worlds biggest "noob slayers" but who knows whether it will be much more difficult than a normal kirin. Funnily enough, kirin has the honor of being the only other electric user besides Toby and now he will also be relieving Legiana of the same with ice. ●Lunastra is basically the rathian to Teostra's rathalos. They are pretty similar but distinctly different fights. The thing is, Lunastra has been missing in action since 2nd generation so who knows what her fight will be like. I'm curious to see what her equipment will be like since she presumably still has the same elemental powers as teostra. Maybe fire instead of blast? ●alatreon is a pretty big deal. Ideally, it should be the new toughest thing in the game. It is in the same power level as Fatalis and miralis. It would be understandable if it were the toughest thing before grank.

So basically, the point in getting at is that the pattern of new monsters seem to be leading us to grank. The monsters have been getting harder and the equipment have been getting better. It totally makes sense, why would you add great jaggi to the game when he isnt even on our radar? Same thing with lagiacrus and tigrex, these guys arent supposed to be contenders with elder dragons. Sure rajang would make sense but not zinogre. The way I see it, is that the only time they will add monsters that go back in power tier is when the whole game gets expanded.

Anyway what are your thoughts?

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