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PSA: A stopgap fix for connection error 50086-MW1

MonsterHunterWorld9 - PSA: A stopgap fix for connection error 50086-MW1

TL;DR = Have the person with the best internet create a fresh session (start as private first) themselves. Connection stability is somehow based on the session host, not the hunt host. I'll explain in detail what we've learned below.

Hey guys, if you're anything like me, you have a few buddies you love to play MHW with, but you sometimes have to quit from frustration because of how many hunts get ruined and time wasted by constantly getting slammed with connection errors. Or maybe you're jumping into SOS fights and end up having to fight yourself after a while. You've also probably searched relentlessly on the internet and tried many proposed fixes only to stumble upon this Reddit thread with no upvotes hoping for a solution.

I really hope that I've found your solution! Let me explain.

Everyone is probably familiar with the fact that alt-tabbing in Fullscreen (on PC) is a major cause of disconnections, but this new error has been plaguing the game for a while, and reports have been exploding since Iceborn's release, based on Google results and Steam Discussion threads. Error 50086-MW1. Even for those with perfect connection, it's a serious problem.

My pals and I have tried all the fixes we could find; disabling IPv6, changing DNS settings, port forwarding, disable Steam overlay, DMZ hosting, etc. etc. but someone deep within a Japanese thread that we Google translated actually posted something that made sense, and solved our problems.


The connection quality for the players within a session seems solely based on the stability of their connection to the session host, whether you're hunting with them or not. That means if you have great internet, and your friends have great internet, but you've stumbled into the session of someone with questionable internet… This is where you will find this error. Sometimes way too often. The reason it's especially problematic is that those who got disconnected will often re-join the player who remains, if any, and you're right back where you started: in the plagued session.

We've struggled with this for days now until we finally got fed up and began hosting a private session on my internet, which is extremely stable, and then opening it up to the public afterwards. I've never had such a smooth experience playing with other people.

I apologize, I'm extremely long winded (which is why I put the TLDR on top) but I was really excited that we finally found a fix that worked for us. If this does not work for you, please comment below and let me know. I want everyone to enjoy this game, and I've done far too much research into this issue and hours of testing solutions for me to ignore other people. I will do my best to help.

Thanks for bearing with me.

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    Jan 27, 2020 6:08 pm

    I’ve tried my best to do this, although it’s particularly difficult when you’re alone and trying to find random groups. I can’t honestly tell if this is working because I can’t reliably test it with the people I’m joining.

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