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PSA – AT Zorah Magdaros quick completion guide

MonsterHunterWorld8 - PSA - AT Zorah Magdaros quick completion guide

Ok, Zorah Magdaros is a long and tedious fight, but if you know all the tricks the fight can be completed with any weapon class.


• HEAVY ARTILLERY at level 2 (the decos are pretty common and are level 1 deco, you can use them instead of vitality decos or crit eye decos, health boost is not necessary in this fight)

• Temporal and Rocksteady mantle (if you don't have one of them, health booster can be a good replacement)

• Raw damage or Deviljho weapons if using melee (Water damage is also good but you have to fight Nergigante, Deviljho and Raw are way better at this than Water type damage)

• If you are using range Dragon damage for bow, Spread or clusters for HBG, Normal ammo or Water for LBG.

• Eat for damage up Large (You want the mpst damage out of your weapon)


You start the fight on the camp, be sure to grap the max potion on the chest before going to the fight.

Once you are riding Zorah, take a cool drink and head straight to find the first magma core, in your path there should be rocks for your slinger, grab them. Put on your temporal mantle and beat the devil out of the magma core. Here you want to use your most damaging combo, its imprtant you are using your main weapon because you will know what the best combo is for it.

Once this magma core is destroyed, keep going straight down to Zorahs tail, there is the second Magma core to destroy. For this one use Rocksteady or Health booster, beat the devil out of it and if you get to low health don't forget to heal (if your dps is high enough you wont need healing as long as you have health augment).

After this, go to the front part. Nergigante should appear soon. If you see stalagmites, shot at them with your slinger, easy 500 damage. By the time Nergigante appears you should be ready to repel him. He is a normal Nergi, so just beat the crap out of it. Once you repel him. Go to where the last magma core is. You should have temporal mantle rechaeged by now, use it to not get hit while destroying the magma core, you should be teleported to barrier by the time you destroy it (It has happened to me that I cannot destroy this one, but destroying it is not mandatory to complete the mission)



You start this fight at the top of the barrier. Go to the lefts side of it, and NPC should have a cannon here fully loaded, aim and shoot at Zorah (DON'T REOLAD THIS CANNON), then run to the middle of the barrier, your palico should have one of the two cannons ready, aim and shoot at at Zorah (DON'T RELOAD THIS CANNON). After, go to the right size of the barrier and grab the binders, an NPC should have the cannon at the end of the barrier ready, aim and shoot > reload > shoot … Once Zorah starts his charged attack, fire the binder at him to restrain his ass. Once restrained go down to the ship, the dragonator should be ready, use it on Zorah. After this, grab the binders that are on your path and start using the cannons of the ship. Use them till you run out of cannon balls, if Zorah uses his charged attack, use the binder.

Once you run out of cannon balls, the NPCs should have reloaded all the cannons at the barrier. Go back up and fire them all (DON'T RELOAD ANY CANNON). Run to the right side of the barrier, grab the binders and start using the last cannon, this is the safest and quickest to reload at the barrier. If he does the charged attack, fire the binder. Once you fire the binder, go to the ship again, all the cannon balls at the ship should be restocked, grab the binders at the ship and start using the cannons at the ship.

At this point Zorah should be dead before the Dragonator is ready a second time since you are dealing 216 damage oer cannon shot. Assuming you land all the shots, you won't need to use the dragonator a second time. If he still isn't dead, the dragonator should do the job once its ready.

For a video guide of the path I recommend on phase 2 just use this. If you want you can follow all th guide, if you have both glutton and dark devourer. If you don't main HBG I recommend you using your main weapon, it will feel better for phase 1 if you use a weapon you are the most familiar with.

I made this guide just in case someone is having trouble with AT Zorah. You can do this fight with any weapon type. The hardest part of the fight is phase 1. Phase 2 is just a cannon simulator so its the easiest part. I hope this can help you if you are doing AT Zorah solo.

If you are doing SOS, may god have mercy on you (Its completely doable, but randoms will often leave you alone with Nergigante or get lost trying to find the magma cores).

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