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PSA: Don’t go all-in and insult your fellow posters about speculation that turns out to be wrong. Duh.

MonsterHunterWorld9 - PSA: Don't go all-in and insult your fellow posters about speculation that turns out to be wrong. Duh.

With Jeff finally out and about and everything about the fight, the monster, and the weapons laid bare, I'd like to pause for a second and reflect on a pattern of behavior we've seen twice now in a very short time frame.

First, of course, we had the big donnybrook about what exactly the new siege dragon would be, and a bunch of excitable posters took literally a single, very dark photo and made hay over all the things it could be. All well and good, except a lot of these people then dug in their heels on their new pet theory and became very defensive and snide towards anyone who had a different speculation BASED ON A SINGLE BLURRY IMAGE OF SOMETHING. Unfortunately for half of these snotty, cock-sure posters, they turned out to be wrong about that thing that they openly belittle others for not recognizing.

At almost the same time that little mystery got cleared up, CAPCOM introduced another little tease for us, which was the Safi'Jiiva weapons and their new unique mechanics. Without even a pause for breath, we saw a repeat performance, with lots of speculation about exactly how it would work. Some folks seemed to have pretty grandiose ideas about these weapons, which is fine, because they aren't actually designing the game and their greedy wishcasting can't actually affect the game. What's not fine is that when other posters tried to talk them down from the ledge and projected a more moderate view of what was probably coming, they got a wad of spit in the eye for thanks. Because once again, based on incredibly scanty information, people tied themselves to the mast and just could not handle the idea that their speculation wasn't taken as scripture. This cadre were made fools of even faster than the first group!

Now, I didn't have a dog in either of these tussles. I don't actually care. You can work yourself into a lather guessing what I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow, and no matter what you come up with I'm still just gonna have a beef sandwich. But I thought it was very silly that people would get so worked up over their guesswork, and both times, I made some light sport of how sure, how absolutely certain they had been that they were right, and, more importantly, the lack of grace they'd shown anyone that wasn't on board with them right out of the gate.


Well, lo and behold, both times I pointed this out, a funny thing happened: I got told off for "giving up on open discussion" by people lamenting how the community has gotten so toxic! Now, I have this funny feeling that the people hostile to open discussion are the ones showering people with downvotes and insults over bare speculation that will be cleared up for certain in less than a week's time. And you know what? Plenty of the people who turned out to be right acted the same way, and should really take a look in the mirror, too. But if you're gonna lay your reputation and your manners on guesswork, you really don't get to flounce on to your fainting couch when you're wrong. I think pointing out to these lousy prognosticators how worked up and snitty they got over nothing might, at the margin, actually promote open discussion. I doubt it, but there's always that chance, I guess.

But I have a better way! Yes, it's true, all of this is unnecessary, and I know how we can prevent it:

Don't tie yourself to the mast and insult your fellow posters over guesswork. DUH.

CAPCOM, and basically every other media company that exists, is gonna lead you around with drip-fed cockteases carefully crafted to generate speculation and hype. It's like the tide coming in. And that's fine! It can be fun. But next time, keep in mind that you don't actually know what CAPCOM is thinking. This is the company that writes Resident Evil scripts, won't release Mega Man games, and greenlit a Bionic Commando reboot. You DO NOT know what they're thinking. Just take things as they come, keep an open mind, don't be a prick to your fellow posters, and greet the unknown with joy, not jealousy. If Capcom's next dev diary shows a hunter dressed as a giant purple buttplug walking past in the background that they refuse to explain, maybe "It's likely a buttplug layered armor," or "I think the dev showed their modded PC save by accident," or even "Maybe this is the new teledildonics expansion, or maybe not, we'll see next month" is the way to go, not hissing through your teeth at people that this is obviously the official canon adoption of your Ace Cadet/Dalamadur fanfiction, and damnation to all nonbelievers. And if you do go full Pepe Silvia on a bad bet, don't cry yourself hoarse over a little good-natured ribbing, because we all have better things to do and no one will remember in a couple days anyway.

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