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PSA-Extreme Behemoth, useful skills and mantle rotations.

MonsterHunterWorld5 - PSA-Extreme Behemoth, useful skills and mantle rotations.

Ok, this fight is hard… way harder than normal Behemoth, if you are gonna tackle it, make sure you know this:

  1. Jumping the Ecliptic Meteor: By far the most useful technique you can learn to counter Behemoths meteor spam is using the Final Fantasy emote, the easiest method to jump it is to emote as soon as you can see the meteor falling down, Behemoth front legs falling down or your character makes a flinch animation, here is a video that shows the correct timing:

dRKPe5hrFFg - PSA-Extreme Behemoth, useful skills and mantle rotations.

Again, this is by far the most important technique you can learn, if you don't know how to do the jump, I recommend not fighting Extreme Behemoth, because ecliptic meteor is the one attack that ruins hunts the most. If you want to practice how to do the jump, there is a very safe way to do so. If you are behind the meteor you can do the emote without any consequences, if you did the jump right, you will be teleported to Behemoths head; If you fail, you will stay in the same place, but because you were protected behind the meteor, you won't die.

  1. Enmity: The only areas where is important to have Behemoths enmity is Area 2 and 4. These are the ones where people die the most because of how many tornados Behemoth can cast. If you don't want to be in Tornado hell, you need enmity. The majority of people think you need a tank to gain enmity for the team, but while having a tank is useful, the problem is you also need a healer to recover any health the tank loses due to chip damage, Extreme Behemoth is easier the faster you can kill him, having a tank also means you will need a healer, meaning two peple won't be able to dish as much damage as possible, making the fight last longer and the risk of carting higher.

So, how do you gain enmity safely without a tank?

Landing 5 dragon pods on Behemoth will grant you enmity instantly. Also the duration of enmity is the same as the duration of the temporal mantle. Behemoth leaves dragon pods at the end of area 1 if the team did enough damage, or at the beggining of area 2. It will drop from his belly and it appears on the map like if they were rocks. As soon as you see the dragon pods, shoot them at the beggining of area 2 and once you gain enmity, put on your temporal mantle. Now you are the strongest tank there could ever be, one that doesn't die. Also because you will dodge every dangerous move thanks to temporal mantle, you can mantain a high dps gameplay without worrying of carting and there won't be a need for a healer. Once you lose enmity, remove your temporal mantle and let another teammate do the same thing.

Its the same story for area 4. At the end of area 3, Behemoth will leave dragon pods, this time make sure your teammates grab the dragon pods as well. The best way to get your teammates to grab the dragon pod is spamming the signal in the spot you found the pods, make sure at least one of them grabed the dragon pods. Once you enter Area 4 immediately go to the far right of the map so the tornado won't block other people from getting to area 4. Shoot 5 dragon pods to Behemoth and use your temporal mantle again.

This is by far the safest and most reliable way to gain enmity, if you do this, you will see your teammates die less often in area 2 and 4. Remember, try to make your teammates grab the dragon pods as well, the more people to this, the less tornados you will have to deal with.

  1. Area 3 a.k.a The damage check: This area is pretty straightforward, you have to deal a shitload of damage in a short period of time or you'll die. The timer starts as soon as the Ecliptic Meteor of area 2 falls so you better be ready to go full offense on his ass. The caviat is you won't have temporal mantle for this part.

One thing you can do is, as soon as the Ecliptic meteor falls, go to camp and change your mantles to vitality and evasion or rocksteady. That is only if you really need your mantles, do this fast, because the timer keeps running even if there is no one fighting Behemoth.

Now for area 3, put your flaspods in your slingsr before going into area 3. Here you don't want anyone with enmity, if Behemoth has enmity in area 3 he will be a lot more aggressive and will do his hand slam, shoulder slam move, wich hits pretty hard and can combo you to death if you don't have mantles, so no enmity, its not necessary, if you get pinned down, use flashpods (remember you can only use 2 per hunt) or smokebombs to loose enmity. This fase can be the chocking point, but ones you learn how to dodge his attacks, it will be, surprisingly, the easiest fase, because of the lack of tornados.


Important notes: don't lose time on area 3, if the team fails the damage check, Behemoth will start doing Ecliptic Meteors every 30 seconds until the damage check is completed, so try to dish as much damage as possible.

  1. Run health boost 2 and evade extender 2: if you have your armour augmented and fully upgraded, you won't be one shoted as long as you run Health boost 2, while health boost 3 is heavily recommended, health boost 2 is enough to not get one shoted. Evade extender 2 is also a really efficent skill against Behemoth, this will make you dodge every attack with one or two rolls including the spin to win move and hand>shoulder bash combo.

Again, if you don't want to be one shoted: RUN HEALTH BOOST 2.

  1. Cut off the tail: Behemoths spin to win attack is as strong as usual, when other teammates have enmity, concentrate on cutting the tail, this will make spin to win range a lot shorter and will really help players with slow animation weapons. The best weapons to cut Behemoth tail are: GS, LS, IG, SA and slice LBG.

  2. Bring Adamant seed, astera jerkys, max potions, as well as compounds to make more, life powders and 3 flash pods. Behemoth meteors deal defense down, if you get hit by one, use an adamant seed to eliminate the defene down. There are now two attacks that theal bleeding, the pin, and the hand>body slam combo, so bring astera jerkys if you get hit by them, max potions are self explanatory and life powders are used to take your teammates out of difficult situations. 3 flashpods is all you need, if you get pinned or one of your teammates is in trouble, use them. But be careful and choose wisely, because you only get to use 2 of them.

     Now for the mantles rotations. 

You will have two main mantles and two backup ones, rhis will depend on your playstyle:

  1. Temporal and rocksteady-main. Evasion-vitality backup.

This should be for people who want to attack without interruptions. The order you will want to use them is this:

Rocksteady and vitality at the beginning of the fight>Temporal in area 2>Evasion in area 3>Temporal and rocksteady in area 4.

After area 1 you want to travel to the camp to change rocksteady and vitality, into temporal and evasion. At the end of area 3 go to camp to swap Evasion for rocksteady. This way you will have Temporal and Rocksteady ready for area 4.

  1. Temporal and Evasion-main. Rocksteady and vitality backup.

This is for people who want to deal the absolute higheat damage, or have weapons designed to take advantage of the evasion mantle, like LS, bows, SnS, Dualblades, and Evade window GL.

Evasion and vitality at the beginning of the fight>Temporal in area 2>Rocksteady in area 3>Temporal and Evasion in area 4.

After area 1 you want to travel to the camp to change Evasion and vitality, into temporal and Rocksteady. At the end of area 3 go to camp to swap rocksteady for evasion. This way you will have Temporal and evasion ready for area 4.

Extreme Behemoth is by far the most punishing fight in the game. This guide is meant to teach you how you can play so your team will have an easier time dealing with Extremoth, and help you cart less often. With Extremoth, carting is extremely easy, so don't worry if you still fail the hunt. Also if you don't feel prepared, don't fight him. This is an evet quest so it will be available another time, in the meantime, try farming normal Behemoth to gain confidence to jump the ecliptic and dodge his attacks consistently. Extremoth is not a mandatory fight and the rewards are lackluster, so if you don't feel like going through tornado hell, don't bother. But if you want a challange, be sure there will always be hunters ready to help you tackle this beast. But please bring Health boost 2.

(English is not my native language so some phrases may sound weird, I hope this guide can help people strugling with the angry boi)

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