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PSA: For PC players teaming up to hunt AT Kirin….

MonsterHunterWorld4 - PSA: For PC players teaming up to hunt AT Kirin....

This is a PSA for PC players responding to SOS's for AT Kirin.

First: Please face him solo at least once so that way you get a feel for the speed of his moves and if you are a melee player – when to attack him. To many times have I seen melee players getting one shot by his lightning strikes or being right next to him when he goes rage mode and dying. Please fight him solo at least once so you are used to his speed and know when to back off/attack.

Second: Do not rely on Temporal mantel or Lightning Proof mantel to save your hide! Learn to dodge his lightning strikes, it will make things easier on yourself.

Third: Do NOT fight him in the small areas that he sometimes goes to. Fight him only in Legia's nest area, Area 8, and Area 12. Do NOT fight him anywhere else regardless if you are fighting him solo or in a team! If he goes to an area that is not one of the three listed then aggro him and lead him to the closest of the three.


Fourth: Get MOXIE!!! Use a voucher to make a veggie platter (because element resist is good in this fight) and get Moxie.

Fifth: Use evade extender, stun resistance, and blight resistance because those will save you if you get blighted, stunned, or both. Evade extender will help you dodge his lightning better. It also goes without saying that using weapons with elder seal makes dealing with his rage mode easier. It also makes the fight a lot safer.

I found this post: A while ago and it really helped me. Kudos to the guy who made the linked post.

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