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PSA: You Don’t Need a Dedicated Tank for Behemoth

MonsterHunterWorld1 - PSA: You Don't Need a Dedicated Tank for Behemoth

Everyone seems to be very much stuck in the mindset that you need a dedicated Tank and Healer for Behemoth. You don't. Four people can go in with DPS gear and kill him quite quickly with the following strategy:

Area 1:

  • Throw every CC you got at him. Sleeps, Paralysis, Knock Outs, Boulders. Use Mega Bombs when he's asleep, and for bonus points, sleep him under a rock for a massive wake-up.
  • Once your CC chain is done, assuming everyone was doing good damage, he'll almost be guaranteed to run off to Area 2 with his tail between his legs.
  • Before you chase after him, take a look around. Did he drop Dragon Pods? If so pick them up and go. If not, proceed to Area 2.

Area 2-4:

  • If you didn't get Dragon Pods in Area 1, do a bit of damage to him and it'll drop almost immediately in Area 2.
  • Player 1 now throws 5x Dragon Pods at Behemoth, which immediately takes aggro. Player 1 throws on Temporal mantle.
  • Players 2-4 now are free to go HAM on Behe for the next 90 seconds, only taking care to disengage to drop a Tornado by a wall, or to dodge a meteor and the occasional tail sweep.
  • Once Player 1's Temporal Mantle is out, Player 2 throws 5x Dragon Pods and assumes aggro and throws on his Temporal.
  • Rinse, Wash and Repeat.
  • By the time Player 4's Temporal is expired, Player 1's should be refreshed and ready to go again.

With this strategy, EVERYONE can tank, with minimal effort or investment, leaving more skill slots to really push damage. Dragon Pods should be dropping at least once in every new zone, assuming your team is doing decent enough damage (which you should be, if you effectively have 4 DPS at all times).

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