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Pukei-Pukei: Poisonous Bird of Prey

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I mostly have knowledge on breaking parts, part gathering, knock downs, flinching, some behavioral quirks, anything to do with hitzone damage and element damage is coming from Honey's MHW Set Builder turn off your ad blocks for this page.

NOTE: Most or even ALL of this information is easily found from the MHW Wiki from fextralife (some info) , Kirinico for MHW (in depth material rates, damage hitzones/weaknesses, lots of other numbers), and Honey's MHW Set builder (Set building / Set finder option and Weakness Hitzones, click the Anjanath icon), I am only regurgitating it all onto one page for other player's profit.

Pukei-Pukei is a Green-Blue Feathered Bird Wyvern. Primarily found in the Ancient Forest locale, but also seen in the Wildspire Wastes locale


  • Pukei-Pukei is resistant to Water element, with a weakness to Thunder element, a minor weakness to Ice element, and an even more minor weakness to Fire element. Its top weakest hitzones are its head/tongue, and then tail, then wings, in order from most weak to least weak, cutting, blunt and shot damage is mostly the same all sitting within 10 points of each other on each part.

Parts and Breaking

  • The Head break will reward you with a Pukei-Pukei Sac+ (75%) or Pukei-Pukei Scale+ x2 (25%) Part damage required: 360

  • You can break both wings, i need to test to see if both wings need to be broken for it to count. Reward will be a Pukei-Pukei Wing (80%) or a Pukei-Pukei Scale+ (20%) Part damage required: 210 each wing

  • Tail carve will give either a Pukei-Pukei Tail (80%) or a Pukei-Pukei Scale+ (20%) Part damage required: 280 Cutting Damage

  • A Back break rewards you with a Pukei-Pukei Carapace (80%), or a Pukei-Pukei Scale+ (20%) Part damage required: 300

Material Statistics

  • 3% chance to roll a Bird Wyvern Gem in default rewards table, 5% body carve, 5% capture reward roll each slot.

Investigation Bonus Rewards

  • Silver Box: Pukei-Pukei Sac+ (25%), Pukei-Pukei Wing (22%), Pukei-Pukei Carapace x2 (14%), Toxin Sac x2 (14%), Bird Wyvern Gem (11%)

  • Gold Box: Pukei-Pukei Sac+ (25%), Pukei-Pukei Wing (22%), Bird Wyvern Gem (17%), Toxin Sac x3 (12%) Pukei-Pukei Scale+ (10%)

  • Shiny Pod Drop (?): Pukei-Pukei Scale+ (50%), Pukei-Pukei Wing (28%), Wyvern Tear (200 research points) (22%)

  • Palico Bonus (Palico Tailraider): Pukei-Pukei Scale+ (50%), Pukei-Pukei Wing (28%), Nothing (22%)

  • Plunderblade (Palico Tool) Bonuses: Pukei-Pukei Scale+ (43%), Pukei-Pukei Carapace (32%) Pukei-Pukei Wing (23%)

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Some Fighting Tips

  • Apparently breaking the wings of possible flying Large monsters inhibits their lift off? An in-game tip suggests certain flying monsters are prone to knock downs if attacked at the exact right time during lift off.(Rathalos tip)

  • This is the first time a large monster flies, flash pods/flies that go off in the monster's sight will cause it to drop to the floor quickly into a knockdown, after a few moments it will get up and then it will be motionless for a short while, before attacking blindly, with each flash, the monster starts to resist the effects, it will take less time to get up from the knock down and less time to both start attacking as well as recover from the blindness. but it will always knock down from flight(maybe?)

  • When enraged, Pukei's facial feathers flare out and become slightly red after a roar

  • Pukei's poison spit attack can be a triple shot (front, right, left) a single shot (front) or a string of shots (front / aimed)

  • Pukei's poison spit attack can vary depending on the type of slinger ammo it has ingested, scatternuts make the spit crackle and splash after impact.

  • In Ancient Forest, Pukei will stalk Area 6, 7 and sometimes 8., but returns to 6 to eat / sleep, mostly flies from 6 to 7 or 8 and back to 6.

  • Tongue moves should be dodged or blocked, they are the biggest hits besides poison attacks.

  • This is the first time a tail can be severed, tail cuts require cutting damage, hammer and hunting horns can't provide this, bowguns must use slicing ammo on tails (bows are fine)

  • When a tail is severed, the monster will Flinch a long way and fall over for a moment (not long enough to be of any help) this is good for knocking out of bad positioning or attacks / roars / etc, however, it can also knock a monster out of a shock trap, or a knock down, wasting your free damage on other exposed parts (wings, head, back)

  • Wings are the last priority in breaking on ALL winged monsters (if they are possible to break), wings come from other sources at 20% chances, it's better to go for head, back, or tail breaks for better Rare material chances.

  • While another player mounts a flying monster, take time to heal, sharpen, or place a trap.

  • Knocked down monsters can be tripped into traps, wasting the knock down, so place the trap last, and try to place it somewhere the monster hovered already, then when it gets up from the mounting knock down, lead it into the trap.

  • Drops Piercing Pods at 30 / 20 / 10% Health, maybe can knock down from flying?

  • so far, we've seen a few methods of knock downs: flashes, mounts, impact damage (KO Damage), and even part breaks, utilizing all these methods of immobilizing monsters along with traps, drugged / tinged meat, and sleep / paralysis status, is the key to a satisfying hunt.

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Misc Info

  • Maximum / Minimum Crown Sizes ?: 992.21 Small, 1212.68 Silver, 1322.94 Gold.

  • Kinsect Extracts: Red(head) Orange(legs) White(wings) Green(tail)

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