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Quality Shit Post: A Dung Farming Guide

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For generations, my family have been proud dung farmers. Even through The Great Constipation of the 1930s, we prevailed. How did we manage this you didn't ask? you sick fu*k
) and just hold your hands out for Dung #3.

There's another spot to collect dungs #4 & #5 but it requires waiting a really long time for the Barroth to get his diarrhetic ass to the right area so I didn't record it. After landing at Central Camp (5), just exit and take a right. At the end of the path, there's an intersection. Occasionally, Barroth will make his way here and drop a deuce. If he does, do not pick it up right away. Eventually, a dung beetle will make it's way there and start rolling a dung ball. After it does, then you can collect the dung and kick the dung beetle and collect the dung ball as well. I find it faster to just travel to another map instead of waiting for old Shit-for-Brains to get into position.


Astera – Elder Melder

Personally, I don't ever use the Elder Melder for Dung because I have no need to but if you're ever in a pinch and can't seem to pinch one off, you can trade in a lot of your junk in the trunk for Dung Pods. Now that's a pretty shitty deal!

I hope you found this shit farming guide useful and informative. I look forward to seeing other shit farmers out there getting their hands dirty and farming some quality dung. After all, nothing is more satisfying than a good shit. Thanks for reading, I hope you have a shitty day.

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