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340 hours into MHW, and I've finally decided to give the gunlance a fair shot. I gave it a quick try when I first started the game, but truth be told I didn't have the skills to make it work, and found it to be too slow and clunky. However, now that I have a much better understanding of the game I'm finding the GL extremely enjoyable. My question for you hardcore GL mains revolves around LVL 4 Normal Shelling GLs (the smack and burst method is my preferred play style).

I started playing around with GLs using the Taroth Buster "Glutton." After a few hunts led me to realize that I now enjoy the GL play style, I did a bit of research and found that, universally, the Royal Burst is considered to be the best Normal Shelling GL in the game. A few Rathian Spike+ later and I had my own Royal Burst. I slapped it onto my GL build to do a quick comparison between the Glutton and the Royal Burst and, to my surprise, didn't see much of any difference between the two. In fact, my initial impression was almost that the Glutton was the better of the two. At a quick glance, this is how the two stack up on the surface:

Taroth Buster "Glutton"

Royal Burst

At first glance the two seem almost identical. Truth be told, considering it's reputation, I was expecting the Royal Burst to clearly lead in damage over the Glutton. However, both GLs are sitting at exactly the same attack value of 437. Yes, the Royal Burst has some white sharpness and a bit of affinity over the Glutton, but how much of a difference would that really make in damage output/performance? That, and the Glutton has the +20 defense bonus and the much more desirable sleep ailment over the Royal Burst.

A bit perplexed, I went into the training area to do some testing. I tested damage output for specific moves, as well as weapon durability (how many combos it took to drop the weapon down to Green sharpness). These were my results:

Standard Thrust

Glutton: 47-49 dmg

Royal: 54-65 dmg

High Thrust (plus shelling)

Glutton: 36 (27*) dmg

Royal: 40-49 (27*) dmg


Combo (Rising Slash, Overhead Slash, Burst Fire, Wide Sweep, Quick Reload)

Glutton: 59, 94, 28*, 134

Royal: 65, 104, 29*, 147


Glutton: 57, 24*, 66

Royal: 62, 24*, 66


Glutton: 102 (x3)

Royal: 102 (x3)

So, up front, the Royal Bust does a bit more damage than the Glutton. However, it only retains this damage advantage while the weapon has white sharpness. I tested how many combos it would take for each GL to reach green sharpness, as well as how quickly the Royal Burst dropped from white to blue sharpness.

The combo used in testing was: Rising Slash, Overhead Slash, Burst Fire, Wide Sweep, Quick Reload, Overhead Slash, Burst Fire, Wide Sweep, Quick Reload, etc


Glutton: 7.5 combos to green sharpness

Royal: 7.5 combos to green sharpness (2 combos to blue sharpness)

So, the Royal Burst only retains it's damage advantage for 2 combos over the Glutton, achieving about 64 more damage TOTAL over the Glutton in those first two loops. After that, the two seem to be identical in terms of damage output.

So, is the damage difference really this minuscule, or am I missing something? It's entirely possible that I'm overlooking something simple, seeing as I am very new to GLs and my knowledge is limited. If the damage difference is this small, why would I give up the ability to sleep the monster 1-2 times a fight, during which the wake-up easily makes up for whatever "damage gap" exists between the Glutton and the Royal. That, and the Glutton gives me a free +20 defense, which is a little nice to have.

Below are both weapons on my GL build as a reference. (Hardcore GL mains, feel free to comment on and critique my build as well if you feel so inclined. Like I said, I'm new to GLs).

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback/opinions.

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