Monster Hunter World

Question regarding lost save… All progress gone?

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Question regarding lost save... All progress gone?

So after powerplaying monster hunter for a while now. Getting up to 130 hours played after getting the game gifted not that many days ago.. such is life when you have way to much spare time to play all day.

BUT I loved Monster hunter world, just grinding bosses and all sorts of stuff, exploring and unlocking things, even managed to kill the HR49 tempered kirin by myself and was glee happy to keep on and wondered what HR69 would bring for me. Had what I think was a decent decoration setup, got the christmas outfit, had unlocked the Dante armor set from the event and crafted lots more event things and what not.

But I was always bugged by my characters looks, so I decided to buy a character re-edit… And while sitting talking to a friend on discord, I managed without thinking much as I clicked, delete the character instead. all 130 hours, all the progress, all the unlocks, and everything gone (unless event unlocks remain..?)

I googled around, and there seem to be no way to restore this as far as I can see. I found out that the path to the cloud save is:

Which seem to just be the games save file, but I took a backup nontheless just incase it is the cloud save and I can put that somewhere else(?) and save the day?

The only other thing I can thing of is, looking for the big bad grey … cheats to give myself the lost progress and carry on where I screwed myself royally over. But unsure if that is morally right or if you can get banned at which that would just be equally moot.

I like the game, but I honestly do not feel much energy towards bothering with it more if everything I worked for thus far is just lost, and I have to grind myself up again, capture all the things, unlock everything… tempered kirin again…

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Steam Cloud is turned on, but I have no clue where that saves to aside of the above mentioned path, and I cannot figure out anywhere or anyone who mentions if that is also the actual game save, or if the game is saved elsewere.

Anyone else have had something similar happen, or have help?

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