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Quick & dirty comparison of Kulve Weapons vs Crafted Weapons

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Hello MonsterHunter ,

since I see this question pop up a lot I thought I would make the effort to give a rough estimate of which weapons are useful or not. For that I am using this list with Kulve Weapons as it's the latest I have access to. Furthermore I am using Kiranico to scroll through weapon options faster. I won't be comparing them with all possible sets in mind, but I will do my best.

Any help in the comments is welcome when you want to correct me!

  • Great Sword

Baseline are the Wyvern Ignition "Impact" and Anguish as the two strongest GS at the time. Sadly, no Kulve weapon compares to them. While Taroth Blaze "Mud" and "Magma" have the same True Raw as Wyvern Ignition "Impact" they have lower Affinity (-20 vs -15), worse slots and no access to white sharpness.

Worthwhile mention goes to Taroth Blaze "Sleep" for having incredibly high Sleep status if awakened as well as easy access to white sharpness. The weaker alternative Taroth Blaze "Tar" is still a solid upgrade over the crafted Rabodaan Slab 3 still.

  • Long Sword

Baseline are the Divine Slasher and Reaver "Calamity" as the most versatile LS. Again I see no competition as the new "top" LS.

There can be arguments made for the Element LS like "Mire" offering 10 higher True Raw in exchange for a Lv3 slot and 1 Augment against the Dipterus 3 (Taroth Sword "Water" has same True Raw and requires Awaken for higher Water Element at the prize of 2 Augments), but overall they seem mostly equal or weaker than the crafter versions with different benefits and not as versatile as the superior raw from Divine Slasher.

  • Sword and Shield

Baseline for a raw build is still the Barroth Club 3 (220 TR 0 Affinity without NE) but since SnS is a weapon that does well with Status and Element, I can't completely ignore these alternate play styles. We can safely eliminate the option of there being a stronger raw weapon than the Barroth Club 3. Moving on to Status the important ones being Paralysis and Sleep.

For Sleep there is the Chrome Slicer 2 (180 TR 0 Affinity (240) Sleep) and Baan Claw 3 (190 TR 0 Affinity 210 Sleep) competing with that is the Taroth Slicer "Tar" offering 10 % Affinity in exchange for 1 Augment when compared to the Baan Claw, which is a good upgrade and worth using.

For Paralysis there is Malady's Tabar 3 (160 TR 20 Affinity 240 Paralysis) and Grand Barong 2 (190 TR 0 Affinity (300) Paralysis). The Taroth Slicer "Numb" is an upgrade to Malady's Tabar 3 but losing out 30 TR and a good amount of Paralysis make it not worthwhile using over a Grand Barong 2 with the right set.

  • Dual Blades

I really don't know much about the meta for Dual Blades, but it seems like the Diablos Clubs 2 would be the strongest for raw, and they remain the best even against their counterpart Taroth Daggers "Horn" because it doesn't have a decoration slot while having the same damage/affinity.

The Taroth Daggers "Lurk" seem to be an upgrade over the only Paralysis DB Dark Ripper 3 gaining 10 TR while losing a slot and augment. Elements and other Status seems to be up for debate.

  • Hammer

Lead by Diablos Shatterer 2 and Devil's Crush without contest from the Kulve weapons.

  • Hunting Horn

work in progress

  • Lance

Lances are a type of weapon that works well with any build. Making it hard to choose a baseline to go by. First of all though the Taroth Crest "Sleep" is definitely worth for it's good raw and high Sleep status. Besides that available Kulve weapons feel lackluster, but I am sure someone else can fill this out with more information.

  • Gunlance

This one is a weird one if you only look at Shelling. Since their damage solely depends on the shell type and level it means I can ignore most other stats for the most part. If you only want to use Shelling, then anything Lv4 is good! Otherwise those are my picks :

Royal Burst for Normal Lv4 which has it's equal in the Taroth Buster "Sleep" able to awaken a lot of Sleep status or run NE Boost for better poking. Sleep is arguably a much better status when compared to Poison and the extra damage comes in handy versus monster resistant to Sleep,


The Earthshaker Magda Lahat for Long Lv4 competes against the Taroth Buster "King" in my eyes they are very similar. Taroth Buster "King" works better with more poking thanks to much better Affinity and sharpness, while losing some true raw in the process but gaining an extra Augment as well.

Since there isn't a Wide Lv4 weapon you can actually craft, so the best we got are the Bazel Buster 2 Wide Lv3 and Barroth Blaster 3 Wide Lv3, both having their advantages over the other. There is a couple options for Wide Lv4, firstly the Taroth Buster "Bomber" which loses some raw and sharpness to gain Wide Lv4 (and some Affinity), the other option being Taroth Buster "Water" offering decent raw, 0 Affinity and a Lv3 slot on top of Wide Lv4.

  • Switch Axe

Using the Jagras Rider 3 as an example for the Exhaust Phial we easily see that there isn't an Exhaust Phial among Kulve weapons leaving it uncontested for Exhaust/Stun builds. As for it's hidden Sleep status the Taroth Axe "Sleep" offers more sleep, better Sharpness and a lot more damage thanks to the Power Phial.

In the same light Taroth Axe "Paralysis" makes for a great Paralysis weapon with decent damage output, albeit only blue sharpness.

For general purpose the Axe of Demons takes the lead and loses ever so slightly to the Taroth Axe "Horn" being a replica of the Axe of Demons wit h the same raw, sharpness and affinity but trading a Lv1 slot for 1 Augmentation.

  • Charge Blade

Basically unchallenged the Diablos Tyrannis 2 has been at the front for SAED based builds which are the strongest for CBs at the moment. It finds its equal in the Taroth Strongarm "Horn" with the same raw, sharpness, affinity, slots, and augments, only losing in Defense makes them the same offensively.

Special mentions here goes to the Taroth Strongarm "Sleep" (unconfirmed) offering a decent option for Sleep status.

  • Insect Glaive

Is a difficult one because it pairs really well with Element or Status, but the added Kinsect Boost makes play style choices much more prevalent for this weapon type. So while the Tyrannis Glaive 2 is great for overall raw damage, it can be outclassed in particular scenarios like the Gnashing Flamenkaefer against monsters weak to Fire or Hazak Entoma 2 against monsters weak to Dragon.

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We do get an equivalent in the form of Taroth Glaive "Horn" trading a Lv2 slot on the Tyrannis Glaive 2 for extra defense. Besides that Taroth Glaive "Paralysis" and "Thief" are noteworthy Status weapons for Paralysis and Sleep respectively. A handful of rarity 7 and 8 weapons make good upgrade to their Element Glaive counterparts that are available for crafting.

  • Bow

For Dragon Piercer builds the most popular choice is the Cera Coilbender (220 TR -30 Affinity) which would be bested by the Taroth Arrow "Horn" if it had access to Power Coating, so unless they add the option for a decoration with Power Coating, the Cera Coilbender remains the best bow for Dragon Piercer builds.

As for Element builds the infamous "BoltBeam" combination is the most popular including the Legia Snowfletcher (150 TR 380 Ice) and Flying Kadachi Strikebow (170 TR 15% Affinity 270 Thunder). Challenging them is the Taroth Arrow "Thunder" with 190 TR and 360 Hidden Thunder Element coming out on top handily with the right set.

Taroth Arrow "Stream" and the aformentioned Taroth Arrow "Horn" both tread on the domain of Legia Snowfletcher but are unable to deliver due to a lack of Power Coatings.

A new status bow is also available to challenge the Great Hunter's Bow in the form of Taroth Arrow "Blast" for slightly more raw and higher hidden element, as well as access to all Status coatings.

  • Light Bow Gun & Heavy Bow Gun

work in progress

TL;DR: There is obviously many builds /status/ element weapons I didn't talk about but this should give most people a quick&dirty answer to what weapons to look out for and what weapons to use over the most popular crafted versions. Most rarity 7 & 8 weapons are similar to their crafted counterparts but aren't necessarily better than the overall "best" choices available.Whereas rarity 6 weapons are downright bad and unless I made a mistake in this list aren't worth keeping at all.

Please let me know in the comments if you know more about some weapon types than me (which should be the case since I haven't touched all of them yet inGame and mostly went by discussions and videos I have seen over the past months) so we can further complete this list.

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