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Quick explanation on “burning the records” of Alatreon

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Quick explanation on "burning the records" of Alatreon

I wrote this as a comment reply that I thought made more sense as its own post.


I don't understand the lore reason for burning all records of Alatreon? Is it explained at all?

It's the idea that you shouldn't try to "can't understand a god". There is a vested interest in the status quo, as is normal in every society ever. In this circumstance, regular monsters are so normalized in this setting that regular, non-hunter people don't really fear them like we assume they would. For most monsters, the settlement walls and local guards are enough to keep them safe, like any fantasy setting with fantastical beasts.


Elder Dragons are defined by being walking disasters in some form or another, something that can affect an ecosystem by itself. They are something that villages and towns are not usually able to handle. Larger settlements (and the handful of cities that exist) do have means to defend themselves from Elders, but any large enough town is going to already have a Guild presence there anyway. To be clear, these are regular Elder Dragons, such as Kirin, Kushala Daora, Teostra, Jhen Mohran, ect. Not things like Safii'Jiva, which is pretty much a Black Dragon.

In all other games aside from World you, the player character, are the Guild-assigned Hunter to that village.


In MH:Tri, all of Moga village got together to fund a local girl and sent her to the Guild's schooling. She became an official Guild Marm (quest giver) and even that wasn't enough to get a Guild Hunter. Only after she, now officially part of the Guild, reported monster-caused earthquakes which threatened to sink the village did Moga get issued an official Guild Hunter. Even then, the Guild did not consider her credible, and they only sent a complete, gearless, rookie. The Hunter of Moga did not even get backup when an Elder Dragon Leviathan was determined to be the cause of the earthquakes, those quests were offline and solo only.



The Guild has a lot of power, more than any other organization we know of.

To be clear, regular Elder Dragons are not considered to be beyond understanding. Their information is tightly controlled by the Guild, though. Essentially, the local Guild representative, be it a Marm or even a local Guildmaster, does not have access to any library on Elders. They have to report what they have found, and someone back at the Guild will respond with info about the Elder, or send out their own agent to the field.


Going one step beyond Elder Dragons, you have the classification of Black Dragons. These are the "pack up and move" type scenarios.

Combating/ deterring Black Dragons is Guild only. To stop this post from dragging too long, maintaining the idea that Black Dragons are gods beyond the normal rules of nature also maintains the Guild's place within the status quo. That is, so far on top that most people never think to question it.

To be clear, the Guild literally trains people how to kill Hunters and sends covert agents all over, as they are very paranoid about the prowess that Monster Hunters posses. Any time a Hunter meets some unknown criteria, learns of some illegal truth, they are assassinated under orders from the Guild.

Also can't forget that if your local village boy goes off to the woods and hunts a Great Jaggi, better make sure the Guild doesn't find out, else they'll make an example out of him for poaching. Yes, the Guild lays claim to every monster within any land that they are present in.

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