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r/MonsterHunterWorld Weekly Questions Megathread (01/02/2020)

MonsterHunterWorld2 - r/MonsterHunterWorld Weekly Questions Megathread (01/02/2020)

Welcome new hunters! We are thrilled to have you and look forward to being a source of knowledge on your hunting journey. We created this thread as a place to ask questions. Before posting a question: Please use the search bar and our external resources! Most questions have been asked, answered, and asked again. Please read through the questions on the mega-thread as yours might have already been posted! We ask for the time being you do not post questions outside of this thread. We put together a very basic beginners FAQ below. (Thank you to the mod team and outside sources who helped contribute to it 🙂 )

Basic Beginners FAQ:

How do I prepare for Iceborne?

If you haven’t already make sure to obtain all of your mantles, boosters, and ingredients. These can be obtained from completing your optional quests. Mantles become extremely helpful in Iceborne and throughout the expansion so take the time to get those if you haven’t. Here is a nice wiki post which shows all the mantles and how to obtain them (note there are some upgraded versions that require master rank which you will eventually be able to get a hold of). IMO the two most important will be your temporal and ice mantle (you know, cause of all the ice). Have your Palico upgraded, your tailriders done, stock up on crafting materials and you will be on your way!

Now that I started Iceborne, what should I be do first?

Work through the storyline, do your optionals, upgrade your gear/weapons. Your optionals are vital to upgrading your mantles/boosters as well as adding ingredients to your canteen. The most important piece of advice I can offer is Don’t rush. I see a lot of new players rush to get to the end game and end up confused and unhappy because they didn’t take time to enjoy or learn the game. There is a lot to re-learn with Iceborne. Enjoy the game, test out multiple builds and have fun with the process. The end game isn’t going anywhere :).

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Which weapon(s) should I use?

Iceborne has a lot of nice weapons changes. Arekkz posted a nice guide

Think about your play style and what would best suit you. Do you enjoy attacking fast and being mobile or would you enjoy being less mobile but dealing more damage? Are you ranged or melee? Once you figure out which play style you would enjoy find a weapon that best matches that. You may even find something you never thought you would like! Take advantage of the training area and practice/test different weapons! You can never be good at too many weapons.

What is a clutch claw and how do I use it?

The new clutch claw will be your bread and butter to wounding and flinch-shotting monsters. Learn it and master it because it is vital to hunting monsters in Iceborne. Starting Iceborne one of the first quests you should receive is the Clutch Claw Training Quest. I highly recommend doing that to get a feel for it. For additional help with it, here is a nice guide IGN put together.

Additional Tips:

Craft hot drinks when in the Hoarfrost region. Your stamina will slowly deplete if you do not use hot drinks. They can be crafted by simply picking up hot peppers. Visit the hot springs. There will be various hot springs located all around the Hoarfrost region. Standing in these for a period of time will negate all cold effects and will buff your stamina regeneration.

Learn and use the steamworks!! I can not stress this enough. The steam works is located in Selena in the northwest part of the hub. The steamworks is a great way to obtain items as well as Celestial Wyvern Prints (one per week guaranteed) which can be used to meld rare items from monsters.

ALWAYS eat before you fight, get in the habit of doing this. Eating increases your stats a lot and should be done before every single fight.

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Pop that SOS flare if you need help with a fight. I find fighting in groups more fun and less stressful. Just remember the monster scales depending on how many hunters are in a fight.

Thats all for now! Happy Hunting!

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