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I've learned a lot from this community so decided to share some things I've learned along the way. Some of this may have already been shared but here goes.

When standing directly infront of kelbis you can use your capture net to knock off their horns in usually one or two hits.

When using gunlance and teammate mounts flying monster instead of standing around you can use triangle + circle followed by circle presses to fire directly up into the monster. Holding circle for charged shelling works too.

I've watched a lot of videos so it seems like this isn't well known but you can open item pouch from the menu and organize the item wheel. So things like tranq bombs can be put next to traps and such. Works for ammo as well. Saves a lot of time during fight instead of scrolling through 8 items to get to one.

Torch pods can be used to get rid of the gas in rottenvale and from vaal hazak. Just shoot it into the ground where the gas is.


When you customize the radial wheel be sure to go to your item box and save your item loadout. Took me 50 plus hours to figure out why it kept reverting when I changed armor loadouts.

Use a flinch free gem when in multiplayer. It'll save you loads of headaches.

Partbreaker 3 with 2 pieces of legianas hr set will get you materials really fast when playing solo. I farm parts solo and just enjoy random drops in multiplayer. Sometimes if I can break parts fast enough I'll sos so others can get hard to get parts like vaals fangs and gems.

Carry life powder with you whenever playing multiplayer. Sometimes a teammate will just get a bad stun. It's easier to heal them than fail the mission and waste the time.


Pressing circle at start of most npc dialogue and then x will speed through it and option button in mini cutscenes like food prep.

That's all I can think of that I figured out myself. Hopefully I didn't drone on and waste your time with things you already knew.

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