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Rathian & Rathalos fight is the most fun/frustration I’ve had in a video game in awhile.

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Rathian & Rathalos fight is the most fun/frustration I've had in a video game in awhile.

New player to this franchise, and I just wanted to share a beautiful experience. I'm at the part in the main quest where a grumpy Rathalos decides it needs to try to eat the Herald, because Heralds are delicious and every single thing I encounter is trying to eat her. Luckily for her, cutscenes give me +10 to White Knight and I get her out of there, but then I am tasked with taking down a Rathalos. Since one is flying around the forest already I figure I'll just go kick his ass and then see to this Diabolos fellow later.

I eat up, gear up, etc. and start sniffing out the Rathalos. It lines up so that I jump a thousand feet off of the Ancient Tree and land right on her head, which is already one of the cooler things I've done in this game so far. We wrangle around a bit and I am pulling out all the stops to take this thing down; Flashpods, Electric Traps, Ivy Traps, and I even manage to peg her with the conveniently set up rock trap I tried to punk an Anjanath with in a different cutscene.

At around this time a wandering Rathian blunders into the locale, and he's screaming and hollering up a storm, and I back off because I figure the two wyverns are going to start duking it out like every other monster up until this point has done… Except they don't. I don't think they can even hurt each other. Realizing that my brilliant plan of making the wildlife murder each other isn't panning out I start trying to pull them apart, but they seem pretty adamant about teaming up against me.

The fight at this point is, honestly, a lot of me running around trying not to catch a fireball to the face, but through the chaos I eventually manage to lob off the Rathalos tail, causing her to peace off out of there. I figure now is a good time to try and down the Rathian since I don't want him bothering us throughout the rest of my hunt. Fight is going well, but eventually he decides to book it as well. Whatever, I figure, back to my main objective of taking out the Rathalos.

I eventually catch up with her and the Rathalos chases me into a cave, knocking over walls and such and revealing a big room of flash flies. Perfect! I lead her in there, get her nice and dazed, and start tearing into her when guess-who comes screaming into the cave. So now I'm in a very enclosed space with two pissed off wyverns vomiting fire all over the place. A good five minutes of "try to find the exit that isn't currently on fire" later and I emerge from the cave with wyverns in toe. I fight off Rathalos AGAIN, and then tear into Rathian until he flies off as well.

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This has been going on for awhile with a similar story each time. I go to Pukie's area and the're both hanging out. I go down to where Anjanath likes to hang out, there's my wyvern buddies. Eventually they both give me a message that it is getting late and they have to get up early tomorrow; They got a big breakfast with the Herald and they don't want to be groggy, so I know we need to wrap things up soon. The final battle is going to take place on top of the Ancient Tree where we started this ordeal. Of course they're both sipping tea and telling each other stories of the psychotic human chasing them all over the forest, and I decide to throw caution to the wind and just tear into them with everything I have; I'm either dying here and losing the hunt or taking them out.

My strategy of pure offense seems to work out in my favor, as both wyverns are pretty weak at this point. We're getting down to the wire and the Rathian finally decides he's had enough and flies off to to some other zone to go terrorize some other noobs. It's just me and Rathalos, finally. Me and the cat army I've amassed at this point dig in tooth and claw and I finish up the hunt with a Captain America shield smash to her face. The Rathalos screams defiantly one last time, and then crashes to the floor.

Naturally I lay claim to my bounty and then take in everything that I just went through. Literally fought two wyverns throughout the entire forest, using everything I've learned about it up unto this point to my advantage and the buggers still almost timed out. I eventually notice that the final resting place of this Rathalos must be her nest, and there's a clutch of wyvern eggs a small distance away…

It dawns on me suddenly that perhaps this encounter is not just the game randomly screwing with me; In our search for the First Wyverian the Herald and I must have disturbed this Rathalos and her eggs. She chased us out of the area to protect her young, and then went to look for food. As I hunted her down in a test of bravado her mate bravely tried to fend me off time and time again, but I was relentless in my mission. I wonder if it became clear to her at some point that I was not going to stop, and she sent her loved one away while I took her down in her own home, her last action in this world to defend her loved one.

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As I pondered whether some clever developer really set up this entire encounter with that level of backstory, I decided to do her one last honor and… see if I could steal her eggs. They're worth like, 250 points and the camp was right there. Unfortunately when I tried to jump off the tree with it I hit a slope and dropped it and got yolk like, all over my clothes. So I guess I killed two wyverns today after all!

This game is amazing.

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