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Recounts Of A Kautu Villager, Sole Survivor Of Kautu’s Destruction

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(Before we go onwards I’d like to explain what this is, and it’s essentially just some story writing with a made up village and characters—monster not made up though, but I’ll be leaving clue as to what it is exactly that’s in the story.)

I didn’t think my hometown would be the target of such destruction but alas, it happened and I’m not quite happy with it. From what I knew it for while I was there was peace and tranquility and the occasional Popo crossing. When I heard the news I decided I’d take the investigation since it was of course, my hometown. I have one recount from the sole survivor in the attack, what follows comes straight for him.

“I mean… I knew something was up, I should’ve told everyone but I didn’t. I really should’ve. It all started when I was gathering some Machalite ore in the mining gorge. It’s a pretty deep cavern that was said to have been made by some elder dragon long ago. But anyways, it’s where we usually dig so we had the place pretty secure. And the cavern wasn’t small, it was actually quite spacious, though the darkness of the cavern made it quite attractive to small monsters we had hunters stationed there to stop them from doing any major damage.”

Go on…

“So I head down into the cavern, and I’m a bit weirded out because it’s emptier than usual, no stationed hunters and no scents of well-done steaks. Doesn’t quite feel right but I go on anyway, and I hear something like an echoey shriek… Sounded like a shout of pain but eh… I run down with my knife and I see a bunch of hunters, they were laid back against the walls but with five large stabs in each their bodies. I run over and unfortunately they weren’t alive. Stuff like this happens, I’ve seen it too many times but I still hear that shriek so of course…”

You head down..?


“Yep. I run as fast as I can and eventually found myself sliding down the rough side of the dirt thanks to my speed. I land down and FINALLY I come upon the shrieking. Though it’s not quite what I expected when I was by it, less human, more demonic. I’d try to head back up but I couldn’t quite climb up a slope I had just slid down so easily. I spent around 15 minutes seated there thinking for what I could do to get myself out of there—I remembered an exit once I’d move forward.”

So you went closer to the shrieking?

“Yes. It seemed it was all I could do. I went into the open cavern where mining was open and there was this huge black shiny thing just constantly moving and screeching. The air felt like water, and jumpin’ Jaggi it was hard just breathing. Though it was a mine, I mean, so much harder. I just slowly pass by this screeching thing and it doesn’t seem to notice me. Maybe it’s sleeping? It seemed rather loud for something sleeping but I’ve slept next to the chief so I know quite a bit about that.”

Anymore details on its appearance?

“It would sparkle a bit through the cracks in its skin, that’s about all I can remember, it’s body was quite misshapen, or maybe it was just confusing to me. Anyways… I kept walking and eventually found myself at the other exit, and once that thing was out of sight I ran for it, then walked, then ran again. I remember a super bright flash as soon as I exited but that might’ve been magnesium which is pretty common in the cave. OH OH YEAH—the air was kind or pinker than usual, or blacker… Wait—purple. It was quite purple.”

Alright, your information will prove useful, uhh what’s your name—writing palico, stop.

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