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[Recruitment] [PS4] [Switch] All hail Kirin the almighty pony and the equestrian vessel of RNJesus on this Earth!

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - [Recruitment] [PS4] [Switch] All hail Kirin the almighty pony and the equestrian vessel of RNJesus on this Earth!

The ranks of the Church of Kirin the Pony Overlord has started its expansion!

If you upon thou as well shines the light of Kirin from the depth of your soul, by all means join us!

We are a very active and growing community (Who said cult? We’re not a cult) strong of almost 300. We are active on both MHW PS4 and MHGU Switch (and plenty of other unrelated games including Destiny 2).

If thou have wandered for too long searching for answers to your deepest question on the mysteries of Kirin and its reign upon this world, you shall find the answers with us!

The blessing of Kirin will grant you increased deco drop rates and higher odds of getting jewels!

You shall never be alone for there will always be someone to hunt with you regardless of your time zone!

We treasure the most people below HR 49 that have not committed the original sin! However if thou are a veteran in search of new challenges thou may find redemption by joining us! If thou so desire, thou may undertake the weekly Great Trials of the Pony (coming soon), known by all as the deepest and most challenging expressions of faith towards Kirin our lord and savior!


We’ll nurture thou and help thou grow as a hunter on your terms.

We’ll carry thou through the most challenging monsters whether it be Arch Tempered Vaal Hazak, or Behemoth!

We have veterans that have successfully cleared and helped out new hunters on Extreme behemoth over 50 times.

We do plenty of decoration farming and thou shall never want for investigations with us at your side.

Thou shall be able to sign up for weapon workshops (Next one takes place this thursday) and to learn how to Lance like a Champ or bow like Legolas (who was an ardent worshipper of Kirin, it is known). Thou shall also be able to share your expertise if you so desire.


We have a dedicated build section and plenty of helpful people to give advice.

If our faith does not convince you do not worry for we welcome all! The church of Kirin itself is only a totally optional subsection of the discord and you won’t be denied any perks or hunting opportunities by not joining it. That doesn’t mean we won’t try you to convert you however 😉

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