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Regarding possible MH World DLC and Expansion

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Hey guys, I know you all want to get as much stuff as possible in World as free content. I want it too. But please don‘t forget… Capcom changed only one thing in World in comparisation to older MH Games. DLC‘s are weekly and not always playable. Of course we had some free content. And I don‘t mean AT‘s. AT‘s are shit and a bad idea.

Not that they are too difficult and hard, it‘s just another buff for stats to change the fight a bit and make it harder. Of course Lunastra, Pickle, Kulve and Behemoth were free content upgrades, but you can‘t expect any more then that from Capcom. Let‘s be honest.


We will not get a free new Map and like 7 or 8 more Monster coming with the new map. It will be a paid expansion. Of course this is just speculation like everything regarding the future of world‘s content.

But Ultimate/G Versions of precious games with more content were a thing in every MH generation so far and I‘m fine with that. I‘d rather pay another 60€ for a G-Rank expansion with double the content and new monster skeletons and not any dumb retexturing. This is no hate on anyones opinion.

I just can‘t stand any „MONSTER HUNTER WORLD NEW MONSTERS LEAKED“ or „THIS IS THE NEW MAP WE‘RE GETTING“ and neither „IT WOULD BE TIME THAT WE GET THE NEW MAP BEFORE 2019“. Realistically seen it most likely won‘t happen. Let‘s just hope the next real content we get in World is what we all hope for.

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