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Reminder: Invitation to come play Monster Hunter on PPSSPP with us

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Hi again Hunters!


Exactly 1 year ago (on June 7th, 2017) I launched a free easy-to-use service called HunsterVerse you can use to play your backed-up copies of MHF1/MHFU/MHP3rd using PPSSPP (PSP emulator for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and android).


I am the main programmer behind HunsterVerse.  

HunsterVerse is built upon OpenVPN and so is cross-platform. This means you can play your old PSP copy of monster hunter with someone who is using a Windows, Linux, MacOs, and android. You can even bring your old save file. Additionally, the service has region-lock bypass. This means that US/EU/JP versions of the game can play together without trouble!


We have had about 18K+ sign-ups since the service creation in June. On average we have 2.5K unique and active players per month. It should roughly take you 3 minutes to get set up and start hunting.



Our discord Channel is here: We have a designated channel for new Monster Hunter Players and are n00b Friendly!

Come Join us and Play!

–Zack (MightyZack)

Note: Our discord has very helpful and active moderators in case you have trouble connecting.

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