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Reposting this [Online Etiquette] made by /u/gundamnn78 and /u/Unabated

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Reposting this Online Etiquette made by /u/gundamnn78 and /u/Unabated_ because the MHGU community really needs to know this right now.

I took a look around the search function for a good online etiquette. None have recently been posted for the new generation. I would post a new one myself but these guys pretty much summed everything down 8 months ago. This online etiquette still applies until this day. The Monster Hunter community is great and fantastic but if we allow toxicity and Bad manners to exist the game we know will fail.

I noticed joining online hubs not many people speak anymore. I understand not everyone has a keyboard but saying your intentions is at least necessary. There used to be a TURN ROOM where everyone is committed to 4 quest, 1 quest per person. This is fair and should come back to the community. I want to see more of these exist again. Keyquest are now shared in GU but Urgents need to be done by everyone for credit. Please make rooms for HR Keys and Urgents again!

Online Etiquette

  1. Be polite, saying hi when you enter is always nice. Feel free to ask questions, communication is important.

  2. Don't post a quest in someone else's room without asking. Most people are fine helping you clear a quest if you ask, but ask first. It's annoying.

  3. Wear armor sets with working skills. If you're in the middle of a set, wear something with at least 1 skill. You're not helping the team using no skills in armor.

  4. It's okay to get carted. It happens to everyone, don't worry if it happens, just try your best and be more careful.

  5. Watch where you're swinging (looking at you greatsword). All weapons have moves where you can accidentally trip up teammates or send them flying. Avoid using these moves online, especially near teammates.

  6. If the monster is sleeping, let them sleep. Usually if the monster is sleeping one of your fellow hunters meant to do it. They're probably trying to bomb it, don't hit it or you'll mess it up. Check for the little puffs of gas hitting the monster.

  7. Let hammers and horns aim for the head. If your weapon isn't meant to KO and you have a teammate with a weapon that is, let them at the head. They can KO it and that opens the monster up to be beat down.

  8. If you're are being helped for an URGENT quest required to rank up, stay for the rotation for everyone that needs the quest.

  9. Some online lobbies go for a rotation. Every players gets to set up a quest, one after the other. These are called TURN ROOMS and should make a come back into the community.

  10. If you are a sleep bomber, please make everyone aware in the lobby.

  11. It's ok to go gather some stuff during the hunt, just don't let your mates solo the monster while you go happily gathering.

  12. If you're new and you have trouble with that one specific monster and don't want to cart and be carried, just make them aware beforehand. Again communication is KEY.

  13. Prepare your item sets before the hunt. Monster Hunter is about the preparation, bring all your traps, bombs, healing items, drinks, etc!

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