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Research Farming — Ancient Forest

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Research Farming -- Ancient Forest

Saw the post about 20,000 points per hour for farming in Elder's Recess. Decided I'd give the Ancient Forest a try. It isn't as profitable for RP as the Recess, but you can pick up some useful items along the way.

This is using some items similar to the 20K farming setup, with a difference in chest armor.

Weapon: 2 slots Head: Shamos Goggles A Chest: Harvest Tronco A (or any 2 slot) Hand: Butterfly Brachia B (or male equivalent) Waist: Butterfly Elytra B (or male equivalent) Legs: Butterfly Crura B (or male equivalent) Charm: Gatherer's Charm Mantle: Ghillie (unnecessary)

For decorations, these three are all you really need. Botany Jewel x2, Geology Jewel x2, Tip Toe Jewel x2, Stealth x2 or x3

For my setup, I included Resuscitate, Free Meal, and 2x Recovery Up, in case I needed healing or for eating a ration/meat.

Most importantly, you now have Botanist 4, Geologist 3, Stealth 2/3, Master Gatherer, Honey Hunter, Forager's Luck, Detector.

To maximize even more, at the Canteen use a Voucher and with six drinks you can get Felyne Exchanger (more RP at end of quest) — Perception x4 Felyne Harvester (reduces time between gathering respawns) — Fortune x2

Lastly in the setup, this run was done with Flourishing Flower Beds.

Area 1

–go NORTH to Area 9

Area 9

–grab UNIQUE MUSHROOM COLONY behind the tree

–leap off and go right to the BONEPILE

–go up on the ledge to the left to the RED MINING POINT

–180 and upslope to the BLUE MINING POINT (tunnel entrance)

–180 and upslope to the BLUE MINING POINT (between paths)

–go up the right path into Area 8

Area 8

–grab the HONEY on the right

–go towards the center and grab UNIQUE MUSHROOM COLONY

–go to the center and grab BONEPILE

–head right to FLOWER BED

–go south to path (needleberry in center)

–on path, grab FLOWER BED, then go right on path and down slope to UNIQUE MUSHROOM COLONY

–go back up slope and into Area 13

Area 13

–follow the tunnel, grabbing FLASHBUG in small tunnel on left

–go south to Area 14

Area 14

–head upwards into the nest for a FLOWER BED (use the map and scoutflies to find fastest route)

–leap off and go straight through path to Area 15

Area 15

–head up tunnel and left onto ramp

–go up the ramp, grabbing bugs and items along the way

–go through the vines to Area 17

Area 17

–grab the MANDRAGORA, then head left and follow the branch-paths as they twist back around. You will grab multiple FLOWER BEDS, MANDRAGORA, GODBUGS, and one BONEPILE, before you come out back where you started. (This one is a little twisty, but it isn't that hard to navigate in a straight run)

–go back to Area 15

Area 15

–go to the curving path that leads to the Rathalos Nest and Dam in Area 16

Area 16

–grab FLOWER BED along the curving path, along with Nulberry if desired

–cross the Rath Nest and go under the small path back to Area 17

Area 17

–grab FLOWER BED along path


–go right and grab the next two FLOWER BEDS

–leap off to Area 5

Area 5

–head left along wall for FLOWER BED and UNIQUE MUSHROOM COLONY

–go back the way you came and head north to Area 11

Area 11

–go towards Area 6 along the path

Area 6

–grab UNIQUE MUSHROOM COLONY along left side

–return to Area 11

Area 11

–go up the curving branch path, cross the vine walkway into the small cavern for x2 UNIQUE MUSHROOM COLONY and x1 BONEPILE

–leave the cavern the way you entered, use the vines to swing across two paths, then swing on another vine to the cavern mouth on the left side

–inside the cave, climb down to the UNIQUE MUSHROOM COLONY

–go south to x1 BONEPILE

–climb up the TENDRIL nearby to arrive at the cave mouth again

–use the vine to swing back across, then run to the end of it, where you Wedge Beetle to a tunnel mouth

–inside the tunnel, grab HONEY and x2 BONEPILES

–go back out and leap down into the pool

–climb up and out to run towards Area 2

Area 2

–go to the center, grabbing one BLUE MINING POINT and one BONEPILE

–run south and up the slope, curving around until you reach a stone ledge

–leap off into Area 3, then immediately turn around and enter the tunnel to get one RED MINING POINT

–go back south into Area 3

Area 3

–run fully south for one BLUE MINING POINT and one RED MINING POINT

–go west to Area 1

Area 1

–head south to reach four FLOWER BEDS

–return to southwest camp

On average, once you learn the route it only takes about 25 minutes. I've done it several times now with minimal risk. A few caution points in Area 8, as it can have a Rath, Anjanath, Deviljho, etc. The same with Area 15 or Area 17 as they are Rath hotspots. But mostly the only thing that bothered me were a few Jagras.

Average points received for gathering was around 3700. So in an hour you should be able to have 12,000 to 16,000 points received, if you add in tracks/scales/mucus from monster paths you will cross along the way.

More important is to turn on auto-crafting and gather things along the way. Herbs, Antidote Herbs, Adamant Seeds, Honey, Ivy, Blue Mushrooms, Mandragora, Flashbugs, Godbugs, and others are all along your route.

I ended up with the following ammo after one run: 3 Cluster Bombs, 80 Spread Ammo, 40 Pierce Ammo, 3 Wyvern Ammo

I had a ton of stone and ores, and for pouch items I had Mega Potions, Antidotes, Nutrients, Adamant Seeds, Lifepowder, Hardshell Powder, Honey, Flashpods, and Gunpowder L2, along with some assorted other items like Nullberry, Exciteshroom, etc.

I know it's not as good as the 20K setup for the Elder's Recess, but I think this one has it's uses when coupled with the item farming that is added in. Once you know all the items you hit on a route, you can tailor auto-craft to only hit things you want. So you will end up with more of those.

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