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Hi r/MonsterHunter,

A few weeks ago I posted asking people to participate in a survey for my Masters project. Thank you to everyone who took part. As promised, here’s my results.

So first, a bit of demographic stuff.

  • I got 3576 responses, with is incredibly. What’s even more amazing is that only 37 of those weren’t usable for one reason or another.
  • 83% of the responses were male, 14% responses were female, 2% identified as “other”, and 11 people did not respond.
  • The United States was the most common country, with 47% of responses, followed by the UK with 11%, 6% from Canada, 4% from Germany. A total of 39 respondents left the question about country blank, and a total of 87 other countries make up the remaining 31%.
  • 65% of respondents played alone. The majority of those played with others online, with 1090 respondents doing so, or 88% of respondents playing with others, and 280 respondents playing with other playing in the physical world. Some respondents played other people both online and in the physical world.

The aim of the survey was to see how two previously validated questionnaires work together. The questionnaires were the Immersive Experience Questionnaire (IEQ), and the Player Uncertainty in Games questionnaire (PUGS). The theory was going in that the scores would correlate in an inverted-U shaped curve, so as the immersion score increases, the uncertainty score increases, until about half way when the immersion score should start decreasing while the uncertainty score continues to increase.


However, this wasn’t the case, and there’s just a steady, slight linear correlation. Which is great as the theory’s partly right, immersion does increase as uncertainty increases, however it’s also interesting that there’s no drop at all.

Thank you Monster Hunter for helping me. In total I had 199 people who played a Monster Hunter game take part in the survey, with 190 people playing Monster Hunter: World, making it the most popular game played!

TL;DR -I did a survey, got lots of results, the more uncertain people are about a video game the more immersed they tend to be.

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