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Response to Complaining about lame Arch Tempered monsters

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Stop it. I get that both Vaal and Teostra actually gained new mechanics while the rest got flat damage and health increases (I'm not counting un-downable Kush as a new mechanic for this purpose).

Vaal Hazak is a joke. Tempered Vaal Hazak is also a joke. If Arch Tempered Vaal Hazak ONLY got 2x health and damage, it'd still be a joke in direct comparison to every other ATED. That's likely why it got several new mechanics. The immunity to shots until stomach break, the new sleeping behavior, the wind pressure slams, and spawning up in the miasma zone increase the difficulty of that battle to higher than AT Kirin. If Kirin is "the bar" by which we measure the difficultly of ATEDs, and is supposed to be the weakest, while Teostra/ Kushala/ Vaal are roughly equals, then the AT system has corrected the difficulty levels of the Elders.

Lunastra is a simple romp, but remember that BASIC Lunastra kills more randoms than Tempered Vaal or Nerg. She was already borderline tempered in the beginning, got tempered again (which thankfully only increased her pounce damage I think), and her AT version comes with a nova that kills from 200 health in 3 seconds flat. Yeah, she's simple enough compared to Teo/Kush/Vaal because you don't change strategy at all, just watch your health closer than before. And that's swell. She's still about as difficult as the other 3 with just the nova buff. My first and only SOS vs her ended in the 1st nova wiping the other players. Only Vaal has more persistent damage and only Teo has a faster kill move. She's perfectly balanced vs THEM.


I bring this up because too often, us players on the bleeding edge who can solo everything and have all the best gear tempered and read reddit and watch videos and use calculators for optimal builds really forget that games are made for the MAJORITY of their playerbase. Those HR 50-80 players who are still excited about Tenderizer Jewel drops are who this kind of content is balanced against. They don't need AT Luna to create strong tremors everytime she pounces in order to feel a challenge. You really want to feel how difficult this content is for low HR players? Do it with only vitality and earplugs decs. No KT sets, no Y sets, no Event sets. Then complain that Luna is too easy or boring. When Bazel Helm, Nerg Waist A and Vaal Arms B are your best options.

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